You don't need roads to explore the world


WARNING! It is no coincidence that you ended up on this webpage and neither is it Murphy’s Law! You ended up here because it is likely that you, like us, feel more biker than human and it is natural for you to go around with a Go-Pro stuck to your helmet.

Welcome to the GIVI portal dedicated to all manner of biking journeys. We mean a journey by definition. It is the real one, the one that changes you forever and that you will always bring with you.
Because as it is for us and also for you, the best thing is to ride your inseparable companion, and that’s why the website where you ended up is exactly the right place for you to be. Here you can find video reports, images and information about journeys to the four corners of the Planet made by GIVI and other bikers like you, who cannot resist the lure of adventure. You will find information on the tracks, the maps of the paths taken, the stages, oddities, the story of the wild emotions experienced in locations at the ends of the Earth. In addition, you will find valuable information on all the GIVI equipment and products that was used on the journeys. There are various tutorials which reveal some “tricks of the trade” from seasoned riders who have much to teach us, for instance how to make the most of our motorcycle, or how to manage unexpected situations.
And finally there is an information service: if you have already made, or are embarking on an epic motorcycle journey documented by pictures and/or videos, contact us and we will be glad to publish it on this portal. The more we are, the better we feel.
Have a nice journey.


We considered it important, indeed essential, to add a portal dedicated to motorcycle journeys and to the technical experience of those who have embarked on many two wheeled adventures and have travelled endless kilometers on every kind of track known to man.

A heritage of valuable knowledge to be shared with Givi fans that can help riders learn from those who know more than we do (and there aren’t many!). Because we know that travelling by bike is not like watching a travel television series whilst laying on the sofa, accidents may occur, and it is better to know what to do in such circumstances. This explains the reason for the tutorial sections: repairing a punctured tyre, wading across a stream, correctly allocating loads on a motorcycle, driving on dirt tracks etc. etc. Because in life there is always something new to learn, even when we think we know it all.


Go and see, but make sure it’s with GIVI! Let’s face it: this portal wouldn’t exist if GIVI products weren’t worth their salt…

… and if we weren’t sure of ourselves and proud of what we do.
Traveling by motorcycle is an exciting experience, but to be lived intensely it requires serious preparation, not just a desire for adventure. Choosing the right accessories is of fundamental importance. When you find yourself in Patagonia in the pouring rain, you can’t risk having bags or cases that aren’t totally waterproof. You have to be sure your accessories were made the way they should be made. No compromises allowed. Modesty aside, we’re certain our products can fully meet the needs for safety, security, reliability, design, and practicality of anyone traveling by motorcycle. It’s no coincidence that GIVI’s founder and president knows two-wheelers better than almost anyone. He’s been riding since the age of 16 and has always been a leader in innovation. That’s why we talk about GIVI here on this portal: because we’re among fellow bikers, because we live on our bikes. Here you can find the accessories used in the trips described, recommendations for their use, and all info useful for choosing the GIVI gear most suitable for your needs. And for making sure you’ll be able to enjoy your motorcycle travels to the hilt.

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