A few years ago, GIVI Vietnam launched a major charity initiative to raise funds and invest in the country’s primary schools and less fortunate pupils. This time, the RIDING FOR READING team reached the province of Dong Thap, in south western Vietnam.


Maintaining direct and continuous contact with the “social fabric” and making a contribution to the community is fundamental for GIVI’s Vietnamese branch.
This is confirmed year after year by the excellent RIDING FOR READING project.

Once again, the “shipment” proved to be a success. A team of around 20 people left at dawn from Ho Chi Minh City to embark on a 4-hour journey to the city of Cao Lanh, in the Dong Thap Province.
The goal? To provide stationery, notebooks, milk and other foodstuffs to primary schools in the Hoa An District, in the south west of the country.

Our team’s destination was the Government Centre, the city’s meeting point, a building that was extremely basic yet extremely dignified. A surreal stillness (especially in the presence of a crowd of children) greeted the volunteers as they entered the building.

Seated calmly behind wooden tables and wearing impeccable uniforms that were washed and ironed for the occasion, the young pupils waited in respectful silence for the arrival of the much desired packages.
The innocence and visible gratitude of the children, who are as poor as they are well-behaved and dignified, did not go unnoticed by the team members.

RIDING FOR READING is an educational experience for the participants and an intense and constant emotional moment for our team; a life lesson that teaches us to appreciate and not take for granted our good fortune. A truly proud moment for GIVI across the world!

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