This week Manu and Ivana of Around Gaia take us to the last three destinations of their personal list of favorite places in Africa, a Continent that they reached after spending 4 years on the road and visiting 54 Countries on their Round the World journey.
For the last installation of their three-chapter story, we travel to Kenya, once more to Rwanda and finally to Uganda.

Merille Market (Kenya)

This is a small village on the main road from Nairobi to the border of Ethiopia, that can easily go unnoticed but it gets very interesting on Tuesdays when they have the market. Without electricity or running water, the life of the Samburus is already predisposed to be quite special and a good example of survival in the middle of this desert. For these people life passes slowly every day, chewing miraa leaves – a stimulating plant similar to coffee but that can be very addictive and with potent effects if it is consumed in excess. But on Tuesday everything changes. People come here from up to 100 kilometers away to sell their camels, goats and cows and bring back other goods such as spices, rice or sugar. The early hours of the market, bathed in the sunrise light, can lead to some incredible images. And do not forget that from Merille begins the detour towards Lake Turkana, one of the best kept secrets of Kenya.

Gikongoro Memorial (Rwanda)

Unfortunately, we think of Rwanda as a synonym of terror because of the bloody genocide that took place here just 20 years ago. In about 3 months almost one million people were killed. Still, we encourage you to visit and be amazed by the resilience and the ability to recover of the human being. Although anyone over the age of 20 has a survival story tied to his life, Rwanda today is a peaceful and hate-free country, with a united population committed to move forward together. Not only that, Rwanda wants to be an example in many other aspects. It is a country where hospitable people will receive you in the best possible way, trying to make every visitor leave with a great impression. It is also the cleanest and best organized Country in Africa, to the point of earning the nickname of “African Switzerland”. But after the tragedy suffered by its people, there is now a very important rule: it is forbidden to forget. From the capital to the smallest village and in between there are several memorials of the holocaust. The most touching is in Gikongoro where, on the top of one hill where there used to be a University now sits the resting place for thousands of bodies preserved in limestone powder: children, women and men who will mark you with the image of one of the greatest horrors of our history.

Source of the Nile (Uganda)

There are many rivers in the World, but none must endure what the Nile has. This river is born with a huge challenge ahead, crossing the largest desert in the World while spreading life on both sides of its banks. Although the Sahara sits in front of them as the driest area of the planet, the waters of the Nile are born in Lake Victoria by the city of Jinja. From here they start a 3 month journey all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, making the Nile the longest river on Earth. A true traveler, brave and maybe a little arrogant, certainly impossible not to be attracted to it.

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