In early spring 2016 we took our regular three-week vacation and set off to ride from Vilnius (Lithuania) to Baku (Azerbaijan) and back. The trip was amazing, but not all things went according to the plan, therefore everything was done in a rush and it was our last drop: after returning we were sure we wanted to see the world on our own terms, traveling without a fixed schedule.

As we had nothing to hold us back from fulfilling our dream: no kids, no pets and no mortgage loans, we decided this was the right time to put the regular life on hold for some time and embark on an adventure of a lifetime – go exploring the world on motorcycles. During the next few months we have put together a rough plan of the route, estimated a needed budget and timeframe and decided to quit jobs and leave home that same year. This was doable as we had our savings in place as well as most of the needed gear and motorcycles.

In the middle of October, 2016, on a sunny but chilly autumn day we waved our friends and family goodbye, revved up the engines of our motorcycles and rode off. As the winter was approaching Europe, we only spent a week there before reaching Hamburg (Germany) where the motorcycles were loaded on the ship to South America.

During the next 10 months we have traveled through South, Central and North America all the way to Alaska. Then, in August 2017 we have shipped our motorcycles to Vladivostok (Russia) and continued exploring Asia and Middle East until we reached the southern coast of Iran and there once again, our motorcycles were loaded onto a ship to Mombasa (Kenya). We then spent the first half of the year 2018 getting to know the African continent, until, finally, from Johannesburg (South Africa) we returned back to Europe and took the long way home – riding around the Baltic Sea and reaching the Northern Cape in Norway before returning back to Vilnius.




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