Start from Budapest, participants who are starting “further west” of Hungary are allowed to go directly to the embarkation points to reach the Moroccan coast.

Once registered, you are told and reminded several times that you must be independent and self-sufficient in everything. From camp to camp, from bivouac to bivouac. You are given the daily coordinates, a phone number around your neck for people to call in case of emergencies (and there is no guarantee that they can help you), but otherwise do as you think best.
I left Milan in a van with my CRF250 and Carl, my Swedish teammate on board, headed for the Aragon Circuit where Carl had his motorbike shipped.

From there, after setting up our bikes, we left for Barcelona to embark for Tangier. Thirty hours separated us from what would be sixteen days of fire and more than 7,000 kilometres across Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea and Sierra Leone.



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