Deepak Kamath, a renowned biker from Bangalore, has taken up many motorcycle adventures and here below is a small brief of his various rides.

1994 – 95: Yezdi – Castrol Continental Raid
Circumnavigation of the world across the 6 Continents.  42038 kms in 47 days on a 2-stroke 250cc Air-cooled Yezdi Roadking.
2017:  Dominar Trans ~ Siberian Odyssey
16500 kms across Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia & Russia (The Road of Bones)
2018: Dominar Polar Odyssey
51000 kms across 5 countries between the 2 American Continents.
2019: Antarctica
Currently, the only Indian / Asian to have ridden my motorcycle across all the 7 Continents.
2019: 11500 Miles on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Unites States of America
2020: 21000 kms on the KTM 390 Adventure across the 4 Corners of Incredible India

On the current riding scenario he feels that riders, or the so called ones and self-proclaimed “influencers” , seem to be in a hurry, and this is a near generalized statement.  Unfortunately, the scenario in his country has been evolving quite drastically giving very little or no room for maturity to sink in.“Until very recently, many of us used to ride 100-150 CC bikes.  But with the advent of powerful engines, responsibility seems to be a distant reality and priority.” He knows very few bikers who actually share a good passion to travel and hopes that the times get better, and sense prevails. He would like to pass on a message to budding riders that develop patience and respect other road commuters. “Hold your ground if you happen to stop a person who is flouting traffic rules. Have your priorities very clearly in life.  It is important to have a job in life.  They will fuel your passion.  Please do not get carried away by Social Media posts.” He further adds that “one must have a passion in life and chase that passion.  It may and must not be limited to a copy of who you come across, example me.  Do not copy me.  I have 3 decades of experience behind me, and I am still learning and evolving. I get invited to share my experiences.  I look at every opportunity to connect with the current youngsters.  I have had cycling, NCC background, motorcycling, driving with which I have shared equal passion and chose to stay with two wheels.  The biggest happiness is when you get out of your cozy comfort zone and travel.  We have seen yesterday, we are living today, and we have not seen tomorrow… who know what is in store.  Plan your basics.  Get out and enjoy life. … Your Life is Now! “

My Roads so far…

It’s difficult to point out any one of the roads when the travel has taken me to some exhilarating destinations….in order of the experience, i would rate my most memorable roads as here below:
7: the Atacama, 2000+ kms of nothingness across the vast Martian like desert, Chile.
6: the Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA
5: the Baja California, Mexico
4: the Dempster Highway – Canada
3: the road of bones – Yakutsk to Magadan, with a short detour towards Tomtor, Siberia, Russia
2: the death road, North Yungas, complete circuit of 255 kms – Bolivia

1: undoubtedly, topping it all is my ride between the Bellingshausen Base of Russia to the general Artigas Base of Uruguay in Antarctica…. A ride through an unprecedented snowstorm had me dangling for dear life!



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