Diary of an expedition by motorbike from Brazil to Alaska exploring lands and emotions

One day twin brothers leave their home in São Paulo and head North to the most northern city in the Americas, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
After 14 countries, 27.000 km and 76 days driving their 2 BMW motorcycles, they reach also a certainty:
“the journey is more important than the destination”.


From Latin America to United States, then to Canada and Alaska, a trip that changes a lot in landscape, nature, elevation… and temperature! From -10°C at night of the Salar de Uyuni, to the 45°C of Mexico, riding our two BMW R1200GS LC we explore the most various scenarios along very different routes. An adventure wich includes: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and the Central America, Mexico, USA, Canada and Alaska.


April 27th of 2015 is the day the trip by motorbike in Alaska starts. With our 2 BMW R1200GS LC we ride 1.100 km this day. After going for a ride at Pantanal in Brazil it’s already time to cross the Border and get in to Bolivia. Bolivia and Peru are very beautiful countries! Uyuni, the Salt Flat in Bolivia is something else, we camp for one night in the middle of the desert, -10ºC at night, a sky full of stars and all we can hear is the sound of the wind hitting our tents.

The Andes mountains are also amazing, altitudes close to 5.000 meters above the sea level, many volcanoes, lagoons, the endless 90º turns, thousands of llamas, alpacas, vicuñas. Not to mention Machu Picchu: spectacular!
We cross Ecuador in about 2 long days. When we got to Quito, a 2 million people capital, we’re lost at 21:00 at night, don’t know where to go and out of nowhere in a gas station this biker guy Juan helps us, find us a hotel and give us tips about Ecuador and Colombia!

At day 24, after 11.000 km on the road we are in Bogota, Colombia. As there is no road that connects Colombia to Panama, we decide to fly instead of to take a boat. Panama and the entire Central America is a really hot and humid place, sometimes its get hard to ride with all the gear on.There is a lot of Nature in Central America, the roads are bad, not many signs and the bureaucracy to cross the borders is unbelievable, copies of everything, lines, taxes…
45 days on the road and we get to Mexico, the bikes are doing great just like the gear. Really good roads in Mexico so we keep a good average of 800 km a day! We take a Ferry from Mazatlan to La Paz, in Baja California. Again we ride 1.500 km in 2 long days. It’s the hottest we’ve ever been, 45ºC, it’s like riding in a sauna, but an amazing place! Riding in the U.S and Canada is to be sure of perfect roads. We do a lot of the High way 1, the famous Pan-American Highway we are in to pretty much since Peru, and it’s amazing!

California is also one of the highlights of the expedition by motorbike in Alaska, amazing place and people! We camp one day at the Redwoods National Park just by the giants sequoias, the oldest trees in the world!
Ricardo Atacama, our father, flies to Portland to meet us and ride all the way up to Prudhoe Bay with us, it’s awesome to have him riding with us, because he’s responsible for inspiring us to do this trip. We leave Portland and cross to Canada, again good roads allow us to cover some good ground, an average of 800 km a day. We visit the Jasper National Park, a place with incredible scenarios.

Finally, we get to Alaska, after 69 days and about 25.000 km we already feel like mission accomplished! Head to Fairbanks to change the tires and do the last challenge which is the Dalton Highway, to get to Prudhoe Bay.
After crossing the Artic Circle we’re almost there, such a remote and wild place, almost no one around, just nature, we reach our destination, Prudhoe Bay, an oil station!
We celebrate the biggest accomplishment of our lives and for the the first time we head South to Anchorage, AK, to top up the bikes in a ship and get back home. Thanks GIVI for helping us make it happen!






Twin brothers drive to adventure their 2 BMW R1200GS LC

Juliano and Eduardo Generali are employed in Moto Atacama, GIVI dealership in São Paulo, Brazil. Motorcycle travelling has been a huge part of their lives for the past 10 years, they´ve seen their father, Ricardo Atacama, explore all South America on two wheels and that motivated them to also go on big adventures. After doing many short trips they wanted more, more time on the road, more challenges, more kilometers, more experiences.


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