The first group to set off were those participating on foot. From the beginning of March, they have been ascending the Danube. Having set out from Sulina, in the river delta’s Biosphere Reserve, they will find themselves facing an itinerary that will see them cross endless plains, cities and suburbs. Once they have passed Belgrade, in June they will reach Zurich, after having said goodbye to the river in Donaueshingen, where it has its source.

On the 1st of April the two 4×4 Subaru Outbacks set off. The teams have the task of travelling the entire perimeter of continental Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, with a detour into the European part of Russia on the trail of Don and Volga and into Turkey. All this in “7” months, with their return expected to be in late October. This route will be the focus of most of the documentary work, with mapping of the European coasts by images and interviews with the population living along the coastlines. A huge and fascinating task, which will serve to capture the current state of health of our seas. The documentary project, with biologist Dario Nardi, will be linked to this itinerary.

In summer the brave sailors of the 7MML crew will set sail with a boat built using recycled materials, bottles, nets and other recovered materials. The teams will row along the coast of the main lakes in the province of Brescia – Garda, Iseo and Idro, covering significant stretches. This is not only a tribute to the land that hosts the association, but an invitation to all to remember how important it is to act on all levels, both locally and internationally.

July will be the month for the motorcyclists, who will surely send us images from Iceland of breath taking landscapes and who knows what else they will find on this island that seems to be a forerunner in environmental issues.

In September and October, a sizeable group of cyclists will travel the coastlines of the largest islands in the Mediterranean: Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. An itinerary that is as beautiful as it is demanding, and which promises to be filled with stories and surprises.

The traditional “means” of 7MML transport will be given a helping hand by a bicycle that moves on water, driven by the traditional pedals but with floats to support it.

The team, made up of two people, will travel along the river Po in the second half of July and will be captained by veteran Anna Mazzacani, famous for her solitary adventures.


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