Crossing Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, the Himalayas chain, Nepal, Birmania, Malaysia, Indonesia and after a trip to Bali, Paolo will flight from Jakarta to Melbourne, Australia. At that point he will follow a anticlockwise turn and will eventually get on another plane, this time heading to Vancouver, Canada. The next stage will be Alaska and down to Toronto, and then enter the United States, where he will ride the famous “Route 66” and arrive in San Diego. From here Paolo will leave to Central and South America, reaching Panama. Here he will board on an ancient 20th century ship to Colombia. Then he will continue towards Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile; then, from Ushuaia, he will go up through Argentina and in Buenos Aires he will catch the third and last flight to get back to Europe, in Lisbon. From here he will resume his way home, where he expects to return between February and March 2019.

When planning to be away for so long, you have to bear a number of factors in mind: weather, how long it takes to obtain all the necessary visas, their duration and expiration and it is essential to have some anchor points in the case of an emergency, or simply just for routine maintenance.

Physical and psychological prowess will be hardly tested and only willpower will actually make the difference. The bike will also be under pressure, will face difficult and incredible routes, testing all its Top Tourer features, keeping its high reputation in the world market of the two wheels.

Tools and spare parts for the travel: a kit for perforations, given the territories he will be crossing. A Torx Key set in order to mount motorcycle fairings, to change the filters and to recharge the battery; keys for the plugs, one for the oil filter and then pliers, thread, duct tape, plastic clamps, spark plugs and a spare filter and oil (the one that I know I won’t easily find). The last to mention is a massive replacement: 2 tyres… because when travelling with tubeless ones which are easy to repair in the event of a flat tyre, but if it is cut or seriously damaged the only thing you can do is change it. In some countries, It won’t easily find tyres that would be a perfect fit for this motorbike.




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