Old Wild East

Luca and Matteo, friends who are mad for motorcycles and adventure. The road has always had an enormous fascination over us, like the desire to travel: because life is a journey, and living is travelling. One day the decision: to head eastwards along roads unknown to us, to discover unseen countries and landscapes, different cultures and people, make new experiences to live together. In the saddle of our Kawasaki bikes we travel in absolute freedom following our instinct. We choose the route day by day. We stop where our desire for adventure tells us to. Camping freely, in hostels or local families, we park our traveller spirit for the night. Ours is a great adventure!

maps Old Wild East

Travel by Motorcycle to Japan to discover landscapes, cultures and people

Who are Luca and Matteo

Luca and Matteo are two young friends from Bergamo, Italy, curious and hungry for experience and adventures.


Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey

After passing through Croatia, we arrive in Montenegro, a country that is full of bikers.


Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

After Turkey, we continue our journey eastward from Georgia metropolis to Iranian desert, from Kazakhstan plains to Uzbek mosques.


Tajikistan, Pamir Mountains, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Russia

We intend to travel east as long as there is land, so after Tajikistan we face the Pamir plateau, Siberia and the endless expanse of Mongolia. And then who knows ...


From Russia to Japan

After 110 days travelling together, sharing 20,000 km in the saddle of adventure, we part ways. Matteo heads home passing through Moscow, while I continue east.

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