Royal Trip Himalayan

Our trip is constructed around this core idea: we would have to cross 2 continents with Royal Enfield Himalayans until Kolkata, West Bengal… unfortunately the pandemic has blocked our plans but not our desire to travel, so we will leave anyway!!
The beginning of the trip would lead us to cross France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia and Ukrain.
The middle part of the trip is composed of Georgia and Turkey. The ending part of the trip will take us back to France, crossing Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy, for a total duration of about 4 months.
The pandemic in progress will make our great adventure even more difficult, but the desire to live our dream is stronger than anything else, we are ready for the challenge!

Who are Arnaud and Etienne

Two french students and best friends sharing a common passion for travelling and motorcycles


Genesis and first steps

"Shall we go for a trip? – Hell yeah!". Done deal, we were launching ourselves in this crazy adventure.



Full of energy, we put our 2 wheels in Austria, towards the capital, Vienna. But before reaching the Music Capital, many obstacles were placed on our way.



We have travelled the length and breadth of Romania, meeting many locals who have given us valuable answers about the Romanian culture and the country's future.

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