As GIVI EXPLORER and KAPPAMOTO we will follow the motorcycle teams, starting by kitting out, in “great journeys” style, the KTM and two Honda Africa Twins of the stars of this extraordinary Icelandic motorcycle adventure: Claudio Poli, Giacomo Tognoli and Giuseppe Prandelli. The contribution of the motorcycles in Iceland is concentrated into a fortnight in July. The team will take its revenge next year with a long African raid.GIVI EXPLORER will closely monitor the motorcyclists’ journey in Iceland and with the same commitment will make room for contents created by the other teams (a total of 75 people), that the GIVI brand has chosen to support by supplying GRT711 technical backpacks to photo and video reporters and the EA124 model to the rest of the participants.
The modular helmet is a must as, in addition to the protection of the traditional full-face helmet, it also offers the practicality of being able to open the chin guard during quick stops to take photos.
As regards motorcycle equipment, the choice of accessories was determined based on the demands of the type of journey. Travelling the perimeter of Iceland by motorcycle sees a mixed itinerary of asphalt and off-road sections that are not particularly demanding. To guarantee load capacity the motorcycles were equipped with aluminium side cases, all with internal waterproof bags, as well as saddle and tank bags. The KTM can instead test the tightness of the Gravel-T soft bags range, completely waterproof and particularly suitable for the adventure line.
To cope with the winds and light drizzle, which are both quite frequent in Iceland in July, larger windshields and handguards were brought into play (the latter were warmly recommended by the local guides).
Two technical components are designed to limit damage to the engine and exhaust system in the event of slipping or falling: the engine guard and manifold guard.
And last but not least, plenty of useful support accessories have been provided, such as the Tool Box that makes it possible to have the most useful tools always to hand, additional spotlights, which are very useful after dusk, and the supports for smartphone/GPS holder.


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