Take four Teutonic Motorcyclists, BMW GS enthusiasts and tireless travelers, always on Europe’s roads and taking rides around the world. Now consider fate, which is how they met at the BMW GS Club in Buch am Erlbach, 50km from Munich. Add a great dream, wished for many years and now finally possible, allowing the group to spend a few months of freedom to embark on a colossal journey. Combine a worthwhile mission to be accomplished together: to support associations which safeguard fauna and fight against the poaching of rhino. Mix everything well and … you’re on track: here you have the brave two-wheelers of the fantastic Rhino Ride!

Gerald Pfitzmann

Born in Germany, lives in Monaco and is president of the BMW GS International Club. He has been in love with motorcycles since the age of 16 and has worked with his passion for BMW for 30 years. He has traveled around the world and today, since he’s about to retire, continues to travel 30,000km a year on his BMW R1200 GS. During a trip to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, the charm of wildlife and nature provided intense inspiration and has pushed him to want to ensure protection using the most natural weapons available: his love of motorcycles and travel experiences.

Peter Seifüßl

51, lives between Monaco and Ingolstadt and is always on the go. His passion for driving started in 1982 with a Zündapp KS80, followed by the Honda XL500, Transalp and Africa Twin. After a break, it resumed from 1995 to 2005 with a BMW 1200 GS, and has been rekindled with the purchase of a new motorcycle which covers 20,000km a year. His past routes include: Greece, Morocco, Scotland and Route 66 in the USA.

Ulrich Pütz

Has forged his own strengths over the years: he is a locksmith, a welding specialist and until 1998 he taught at the Rheinische Berufsakademie as an instructor of all welding processes. Having been in motion for 40 years, he is in the habit of traveling 25,000km around Europe every year. He has prepared for the Rhino Ride with enduro and off-road training.

Florian Mengele

Born in 1963, he works at Munich Airport. He started travelling as a student: taking 9 months to travel from Munich to Johannesburg in a van. He then refined his skills with 2 trips around the world. He started a career as a biker 10 years ago riding a BMW 1150 GS Adventure. He loves to travel with his fiancé or his friends and has already undertaken several trips all over Europe.

And their four purebred BMW

The Rhino Knights are in no doubt as to which motorcycle to ride on a long-distance journey. Florian rides his 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure, already 100% GIVI equipped. Ulrich also mounts a BMW R1200GS: a blacksmith like him could not pick a better piece of metal. Of all the motions of his life, for the Rhino Ride Peter chose the BMW R1200GS. And Gerald, do we need to say it…..? He lives glued to his BMW R1200GS! What else needs adding? Side bags, top cases, handles, LEDs … the rest of the equipment is all strictly GIVI.

RINHO RIDE - Givi Explorer


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