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See the World on two wheels 

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Welcome to the GIVI Explorer portal, the website designed by GIVI to give enthusiasts from all over the world a place to share the joy of travelling on two wheels. A repository of fascinating traveller's tales that GIVI has chosen to share with other motorcycle lovers, to inspire them to embark on exciting new adventures in the saddle. On GIVI Explorer, you’ll find travel reports, videos, photos and other info on tours taken by GIVI around all four corners of the world, as well as tales from lots of other motorcycle enthusiasts who have shared their adventures with us. Route maps, information on stop-overs, curious facts, and the incomparable feeling of finding yourself in places that can sometimes only be reached on two wheels. That’s in addition to invaluable practical information on how to handle the bureaucracy in any given country, which documents and vaccinations you’ll need, or on the GIVI products and features used on different routes.
This website distils all the passion that GIVI brings to creating its accessories, with the aim of making every motorcycle adventure an unforgettable experience to leave you feeling enriched and remain with you forever. Get inspired by our stories.

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Givi tips 

A portal for sharing our technical experience

When building a portal dedicated to motorcycle tours, we thought it was important — even essential — to include the technical experience of those who, like us, have many motorcycle adventures under their belts, as well as years of experience in the world of two wheels. After all, there’s always more to learn in life, particularly from those who have clocked up countless kilometres on the most disparate of routes.
That’s why we've gathered together the experiences of many motorcyclists, a treasure trove of knowledge that we want to share with enthusiasts from all over the world, because we know that travelling by motorcycle isn’t like watching a documentary from the comfort of your couch. That’s the reasoning behind our TRAVEL TIPS section: how to fix a punctured tyre, how to cross a river on your motorcycle, how to properly distribute loads on your motorcycle, or how to make it through the desert in Morocco or in South America, as well as lots of other helpful advice on how to behave.

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Veni. Vidi. Givi.

Why choose GIVI equipment

If GIVI products weren’t up to the task, this portal wouldn’t even exist. If we weren’t proud and confident about what we do, we wouldn’t be sharing these experiences with you.
Taking a motorcycle tour is an exhilarating experience, but it requires preparation in addition to a thirst for adventure. Choosing the right accessories is a crucial part of that: when the rain is bucketing down on you in Patagonia, for example, you can’t risk having bags or cases that won’t keep the water out. You need accessories made with care, and even if we say so ourselves, we are confident that our products fully meet the safety, aesthetic and practical needs of motorcycle travellers. After all, GIVI’s story begins with its founder Giuseppe Visenzi, whose knowledge of two-wheeled vehicles is second to none: he was a pro rider from the age of 16, racing alongside champions like Giacomo Agostini and Phil Read. That’s why we talk about GIVI in this section: the accessories used along the tours described, tips on how to use them, and everything you need to choose the GIVI product that best suits your needs and enjoy your motorcycle tours to the fullest.

GIVI: the safer choice.