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Touristic guide

To undertake a journey in Chile, as in other Countries where you may wish to enjoy nature more fully and explore unspoiled landscapes, it is recommended that you are accompanied by a local guide.

Bike equipment

Hard cases with a high load capacity are indispensible, as are the inner bags to provide effective storage of your clothing and photgraphic equipment. Also recommended are Jerry cans to carry additional fuel (especially for off-road journeys) plus other technical items such as engine guards and oil carter protectors, which help to avoid and/or reduce the risk of breakdown whist driving on dirt tracks.

In case of motorcycle hire on site, it is important to verify the preparation of the vehicle and provide for the possible addition of soft bags that can be attached to the existing equipment.
To ensure you travel in complete safety it is important to have a First Aid Kit, a tubeless tyre repair kit and a helmet of the correct size. If you prefer, you can bring your own helmet.

Personal documents

It is always better to have a Passport and International driver’s license, plus adequate insurance and/or Medical Insurance.


Chile does not require any special vaccinations but it is always recommended to check with the local Embassy and seek advice from your local Doctor.


It is recommended to leave with “provisions” of local currency and/or US dollars, which are easy to exchange locally.


In Chile there are no particular problems in terms of finding fuel, it is relatively easy to find gas stations, but it is always better to be equipped with an additional supply of fuel, especially in preparation for off-road routes.

When to travel

There is no “best time” to visit Chile. Because Chile is a Country with an extended geographical shape, it greatly depends on which route has been chosen. The Summer months are from December to March, while Winter (austral of course) is from June to August. The temperatures, especially along the Andes, are highly variable from day to night, and it is therefore advisable to travel with technical clothing that can ensure breathability, but also provide protection from the cold.

Motorcycle Hire

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Desafio Producciones
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Tel: 56-2-27602290


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