COVID-19 lockdown: travellers’ interviews

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Travel… from home, how “The traveller” experienced the lockdown

All travellers take into account the possibility that something could go wrong… a visa not validated by customs, a mechanical failure, an accident, an exceptional weather event, theft of the vehicle or luggage, but certainly not a pandemic!

A planetary health emergency, forcing everyone – for more than two months – to leave the bike in the garage with no certainty about the time needed to return to their lifestyle.
For over two months, due to the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, we were deprived of freedom of movement. The bike remained in the garage and all scheduled trips, even short ones within the borders of their own country, suffered a setback.
Who has made motorcycling and rides around the world the great passion of his life, how did he live this forced stop?
We asked this question during the lockdown to some travellers, known to the two-wheeled public and with whom we have been collaborating for a long time. Here “on video” their testimonies and their plans for the future.
Luckily, we are returning a little bit at a time to normal and the start of the second step of Phase 2 has finally decreed the possibility to go on a motorcycle, even if for the moment with limitations still active on many foreign destinations. And always paying attention, in the forms decided by the various governments, to the anti-infection regulations.