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The Project

Water Pollution Awareness Trip

Great Venture
Great Venture

Each journey is made up of several itineraries, to be undertaken using different means of transport (4×4, mountain bike, water bike, boat, by motorcycle and even on foot).
The groups will travel most of the coastlines of the continents, including, where possible, large lakes and important rivers, to talk about places and people in a more authentic and direct way.
Upon returning, all the documentation gathered (photos and videos of great visual impact) will be distributed through various media channels to spread the message as far as possible: that there is need for a revolution… at a time when there are still those who deny that there is an environmental emergency underway.


“To redraw the perimeters of Europe, Africa, Oceania, South and North America, Asia and the Soviet Union with images, in order to raise the awareness of the inhabitants of this planet on the issue of water pollution, on our coastlines and in our rivers, by offering an important contribution, both in terms of content and images.
There is actually a second goal to be achieved: to support fundraising for a non-profit partner organisation – a different one each year – to which, at the end of each journey, the entire proceeds will be donated. The non-profit organisation chosen for 2019 is “Niños que esperan”, which will use the proceeds to expand the structure of the Niños de Christo orphanage in La Romana, in the Dominican Republic.


It is not enough to tackle the problem of environmental pollution from the point of view of waste that cannot be disposed of. We need to shift the debate to focus on the need to change our lifestyles and consumption patterns. All this results in a need to safeguard the environment that does not focus solely on technical intervention, but also on ethical and cultural measures.
The contribution of 7MML could do just that: promote an ecological vision and an invitation to keep the seas, and the world we live in, clean.


Over the years 7MILAMIGLIALONTANO has become almost a brand in the world of solidarity: it boasts consolidated project experience (4 photo books and more than 300 thousand Euro raised and donated entirely to the non-profit organisations that have partnered in various projects, including EMERGENCY, COOPI, CESVI, CENTRO AIUTI PER L’ETIOPIA).

Material Gathered and Distribution

It is in this context that we of GIVI EXPLORER come into play, by publishing reports and maintaining direct contact with the motorcycle team. The association will carry out its own publishing project in the form of an annual publication (from December 2019), written in Italian and English. The journeys undertaken during each of the years invested in the project will see the additional support of an important volume on fine art.
Once again the number “7” returns, as this will also be the number of documentaries produced. One will be made for each journey, in collaboration with Albatros Film, and broadcast on both national and international television. The entire work will be called “7milamiglialontano-Raccontami il tuo mare” (7milamiglialontano-Tell me about your sea) and will include interviews, gathered at universities, research centres, museums, environmental associations, animal rescue centres, in clips where it will be those who live in contact with the sea that speak. The documentary will be presented by marine biologist Dario Nardi, who has been directly involved in the fight against plastic pollution for years with the implementation of the Ocean Traceless project (

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