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Travel by motorcycle in Andalusia


A solitary trip in search of the Andalusian soul. A warm and passionate land where the biker spirit is free to roam in a voyage of discovery among ancient stories and new thrills. Because the trip is the biker. The road is their bike.Between disembarking in Algeciras and boarding in Barcelona, it’s all motorbike. On the ‘Autopista’, the toll highways, or on the ‘Autovia’, the free main roads. But also on off-road journeys in a great national park, or through tunnels dug in rock, or over ancient bridges. To all this we need to also add climbs up to 2,500 metres and descents to sea level. And, why not, the alleyways of Arab quarters and picturesque gothic barrios, zigzagging on the tracks of history. Besides the big tourist destinations like Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Barcelona, there are in fact many beautiful places to discover, views to lose yourselves in, and thrilling emotions.

“Giant” Thrills

Returning from Morocco, I decide to continue my adventure exploring Andalusia: always alone, followed only by my shadow, ‘Giant’ like me. From Tanger Med I take the ferry to Algeciras, then I reach Seville by motorbike. Splendid architecture, beautiful gardens, special food and the captivating Seville dancing… This city offers a lot of reasons to stay. But I leave: to venture among the ruins of Medina Azahara. The following destination is Cordoba, the city that lies on the banks of the Guadalquivir: I dive into its green landscape, its picturesque alleys, without saying no to a round of tapas.Then it’s Granada’s turn, with its majestic Alhambra and the Renaissance Cathedral, and I venture in the alleys of the Arab quarter, the fascinating El Albaicín. Fantastic cities, but the road is something else: and finally I’m back to my travels, towards the Sierra Nevada!

Sierra Nevada

I take the A-395, which takes me to the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia’s mountain chain. I reach 2,500 metres of altitude, and I find snow. Going back down I stop in Almería, the set of so many spaghetti-westerns. I get back to the road and reach Almansa, where there’s one of the most beautiful castles of all Castilla-La Mancha. From Teruel to Calanda the real fun starts: the A226, 180 kilometres of going up and down, at high altitudes, passing through beautiful villages and hamlets! There’s no doubt: the A226 is the most beautiful road I have taken in all Andalusia. Following the tarmac I reach the Passes: Cabigordo at 1,600 metres, Sollavientos at 1,648 and Cuarto Pelado at 1,612. I pass also by Tarragona, and enjoy from above the view of its fantastic amphitheatre on the Mediterranean. Then I go to Canyelles to lose myself in the ‘Parc del Foix’, a fantastic protected natural reserve. I spend my last day in Barcelona, where the traveller par excellence, Christopher Columbus, awaits me.

The protagonist

Marco, the giant on his inseparable Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin

The protagonist

Marco, the giant on his inseparable Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin

Marco Ficari, born in 1976, nickname ‘Giant’ (he is 1.95m tall). He is part of the forum’s staff and he is very passionate about motorbikes. Besides his 1994 Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin, he has another 3 bikes: a Kawasaki KLV 1000, a Honda Dominator 650 and a Suzuki DR Big 750.



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