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Stage 4


A small South African enclave country, Lesotho is the only state in the world to be entirely above 1000 meters

Great Venture
Great Venture

Lesotho was the last and the sixth country in my African Ride. I made an early start from Elgro River Lodge. The 20 km off-road on R501 was a combination of dirt and gravels. Certain parts were very corrugated. I almost dropped my bike once when having to ascend on this kind of road. Luckily I managed to control my bike. I saw some wildlife and again, I saw zebras which brightened up my day.
The first half of my ride today was very nice as I got a tailwind. The road was deserted and the view after Bethlehem was quite nice with lots of mountains and green views. However, I got a side wind after that and it was a pretty stressful ride until I arrived at Maseru Bridge border.

After a very fast and straightforward border crossing, I rode to Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho. It was only a small town actually. I stayed at Maseru Backpackers Hostel which was located just next to the beautiful Maseru Lake. The afternoon was spent relaxing by the lake and chatting with an advrider from Germany. He suggested to me lots of scenic routes in Lesotho which I will keep for later. I didn’t have much time to really explore Lesotho this time.
Reaching Cape Town 3 days later marked the end of my African Ride. The total distance for this ride is 8000 km, covering 6 countries. Mission accomplished ?

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