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The Project

Motivate our followers to fight for their dreams.

Great Venture
Great Venture

Start, goal and characteristics of the journey

Start, goal and characteristics of the journey

START April 17, 2013 


– Travel around the world.
– Use the same motorcycle for the whole trip
– Not use GPS or other navigation tools.
– Never sleep in hotels or other paid accommodation. Not only to save money but especially to share a roof with people from different cultures, traditions, religions, to learn from them to open our mind and complete the trip with stories and experiences.
– Solve any problem on the spot. Abandoning the trip and going home is not an option.

Characteristics of the Journey 

– Very little experience riding motorcycles
– No mechanical knowledge
– No planning. Living and thinking day by day
– Very small budget

The Message and Main Challenges Faced on the Trip

The message

Motivate our followers to fight for their dreams. To focus on a different world perspective, paying attention to people, offering help and solidarity.
Manu and Ivana are currently doing so in Africa,in the many small villages they meet along the road.

Main challenges faced on the trip

– The hardest test: the mountains of Pamir in Tajikistan (-20°C in the most remote areas; roads that reach almost 5.000 metres of altitude).
– The worst accident: in Patagonia, Chile, Ivana broke a leg and had to undergo surgery (9 screws + a pair of titanium plates).
– Mountain sickness on the Bolivian highlands.
– Crime in the main South American cities (corruption, drug trafficking, guerilla…)
– Meeting dangerous animals: tigers in Sumatra, bears in Alaska, snakes and venomous insects in Australia and the Amazon forest.
– The wild territories of Argentinian Patagonia.
– Tropical sickness in South-East Asia, Central America and the Amazon. (malaria, dengue or chikungunya)
– Solitude
– Chronic lack of money.

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