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Authentic Road Trip in Corsica

Road Trip in Corsica


Direction "l’ile de beauté" , the second name of the Corsica, for a road trip where you can find charm and authenticity, to the discovery of the most remarkable sites of the island!

1300kms. 9 days. A stay in the heart of authentic Corsica which will lead you to the most beautiful sites of Corsica. Superb roads whose successive straights and bends continue endlessly in a stunning setting. Ride through the length and breadth of the island, through the best: Calvi, Corte, Bonifacio, Bavella…

Authentic Corsica in Two Wheels

Corsica, one of the favourite destinations for bikers! The roadtrip remains indeed the best way to discover the charms of the island and to get to meet its inhabitants.
You will begin this trip from the north of the island, after climbing the Col de Teghime you follow the coast and cliffs discovering beautiful coves. This first stage, between sea and mountain, is the beginning of a long series of discoveries. While crossing the Agriates desert, magnificent scenery awaits you. Then you will take small unknown mountain roads through olive groves lined with cactus and prickly pears. You reach small villages and will take in the sight of cows that roam free.
Then, the region of Balagne stretches out in front of you in a mix of paradisiacal beaches and very green mountainous back country where authentic villages cling to the mountains and where the tiny roads climb and meander towards infinity.
Then, drive to Porto through the famous Creeks of Piana. A unique UNESCO world heritage landscape where magma rocks rise up from the sea .
You dive into the heart of the island and reach the highest road point of Corsica, before getting back onto winding roads through the beautiful Scala di Santa Regina.

Once back in the city of Ajaccio, you can stroll in the city of Napoleon and get to the peak of the « Bloodthirsty » lined with beautiful white sand beaches.
You will continue in more desert landscapes towards Bonifacio and its cliffs. You ride along the most beautiful beaches of the island and go up to the heart of the island via the famous needles of Bavella. Great opportunities for swimming in rivers await you on this road. You then drive through hidden roads of the island where you can lose yourself in solitude, away from the bustle of the coast. You will cross the Alta Rocca, land of traditions and cultures in the center of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. For the last leg of your stay you go to Castagniccia with a succession of many small villages rich in history.
In addition to discovering all the micro-regions of our beautiful island by motorcycle, you have the chance to get to know the warm hospitality of the Corsicans and taste their cuisine. Meals dress tables which promise many memorable evenings. An adventure which you will come away from with one idea in mind: to come back!

The protagonists

Europe Active Motorcycling

The protagonists

Europe Active Motorcycling

Europe Active Motorcycling is a team of ten employees based in Corsica. The team is reinforced by seasonal contractors for maintenance and rental bikes. True enthusiasts, they will share the knowledge and love of their country through stays suitable for all bikers: beginners included! Europe Active Motorcycling is also a philosophy of motorcycle travel. Here even in the coffee break, it’s all about a lot of bikes, last sprees or jackets. Normal, we are bikers. And we work every day so you to get as much pleasure out of our trips we do creating them.



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