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Stage 11

Way Back Home

The end of World Tour by Motorbike

Great Venture
Great Venture

After flying across the Atlantic I landed in Lisbon and the next morning I went to collect the motorbike, but I was told that it will arrive no earlier than tomorrow, Saturday. Unfortunately, at the weekend only perishable goods are cleared at the airport, so I had to wait until Monday. This unexpected event was a real problem, because on Wednesday I was supposed to be in Milan to meet the sponsors and give interviews, capture some footage and run more errands.

So, I had no choice but leave for Italy on Monday and, after a quick shower, I left at about 3 pm. After 25 hours non-stop, with nothing but a coffee. I eventually got to Milan on Tuesday at 5 pm. Once in the hotel room, I slumbered the night away. The following morning, I went to fulfil my duties and meet all those who supported me during the trip.

I hit the road again, but this time I could take it easy, because I had told my family I would be home on December 7th, so I stopped at a B&B in Vicenza. On the next morning I was welcomed by a group of motorcyclists who took me to Sandrigo. At the Bassano Moto Club they were waiting for me to celebrate: big excitement. A couple of hours spent with amazing company, telling the best moments of my trip and then off I went, to Belluno.

Before arriving there, a police patrol with the lights on was waiting for me and I felt galvanized; when, entering the courtyard in front of my house, I saw all my staff waiting for me, I am moved, like a child. The warmth of a hug is worth more than a thousand words. Right there I realised how good it is to return home. After shooting for local TV, I pushed the heavy front door and climbed the stairs.
Door opened… and… you just can’t describe the feelings running through you when you are home, in that nest that surrounds you, where you feel safe, protected. I do not know who can understand how good it is to be home again, after all that happened to me, even traveling through difficult places.
Door closed and so is my adventure. After seven hard months, filled with moments of happiness, ups and downs… moments of fear and sometimes pain. Seven long months have profoundly changed me: unique experiences I lived, unknown countries I crossed, wonderful people I met and fantastic landscapes I saw.

One cannot picture how strong the emotions are that wrap you up when after all this time wandering around the world, you come finally home.
Thus, my adventure ends, with the readiness to take another trip. In my heart an experience that will last forever.
This was my world tour. Should I get asked if I would do it all again. I would reply: “Yes, I would do it all again, tomorrow!” This time, however, I would not go alone, because even if in some respects it feels good, I firmly believe that all the experiences are beautiful if they are shared, not only the difficult moments, but above all the joys. I confess, thanks to the social media I felt less alone.

So, thank you, thank you all and… stay tuned! Ciao!

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