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The Project

The Idea for the Journey and Preparations

Great Venture
Great Venture

After returning from my first South American tour, I was full of travel ideas: in the end, however, I chose to return to South America again, where the Dakar Rally was to be held. Seeing the rally in person had started out as a wild dream before gradually solidifying into my ultimate goal.

During preparations, however, I learned that the race would be held in Saudi Arabia instead. Despite my disappointment, I didn’t lose heart and persisted with the idea of returning to South America, changing my route: I would set out from Lima and arrive in Montevideo, visiting Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, North Argentina and Brazil along the way.
I consider travelling by motorcycle a great privilege, and I had decided to put it to good use by raising funds for research into Ewing Sarcoma, for the Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna. I set an ambitious target: €5,000, one euro for every kilometre I would travel (by the end of my journey, I had actually covered 5,400).

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