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Old Wild East

Travel by Motorcycle from Italy to Japan

Great Venture
Great Venture

Luca and Matteo, friends who are mad for motorcycles and adventure. The road has always had an enormous fascination over us, like the desire to travel: because life is a journey, and living is travelling. One day the decision: to head eastwards along roads unknown to us, to discover unseen countries and landscapes, different cultures and people, make new experiences to live together. In the saddle of our Kawasaki bikes we travel in absolute freedom following our instinct. We choose the route day by day. We stop where our desire for adventure tells us to. Camping freely, in hostels or local families, we park our traveller spirit for the night. Ours is a great adventure!

Motorcycle trip itinerary to the East

Motorcycle trip itinerary to the East
Last Givi Adventure

The protagonists

Luca and Matteo

The protagonists

Luca and Matteo

Luca and Matteo are two young friends from Bergamo, Italy, curious and hungry for experience and adventures, who really can’t go without travelling. Why? Luca because after returning from his first trip, he can’t wait to leave again. Matteo because for him to travel means to grow: so moving ahead for him is imperative. When life made them meet, something sparked: the starter engine. And they immediately set in motion their desire to travel together, on the route for the Old Wild East. Final destination: Japan.
Wondering why? Maybe for the two Japanese girls… The Kawasaki twins!

Luca Facheris
Luca, 24, is a mechanic and has been a freelance photographer/videomaker for the last 5 years. Passionate for adventure trips, he has gained experience travelling across many countries on the road. His style is slow travel: going slowly, wandering.
Matteo Barbierato
Matteo, 21, is a student-worker getting his degree in languages.
Passionate for motorcycles and extreme sports, he loves documenting his activities with his amateur action camera: outings with his motorcycle, bicycle, snowboard, treks and trips.
Besides the Kawasaki, he also owns a KTM EXC 300.

Then there are also the twins!
Guess who their inseparable travel companions are. Practically inseparable, literally stuck to their backsides.
Their bikes, of course!!
They’re Japanese, and they’re twins: two Kawasaki KLE 500. Luca and Matteo have chosen them for their trip. Fully equipped by GIVI, both wear the sash ‘Old Wild West’ on the fairing, and are happy to show off around the world.