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Journeying from Austria to India along the route that has marked the destiny of both peoples and cultures

Great Venture
Great Venture

Peter and Claudia, both Austrians, are companions in life as well as in the saddle and they began traveling in 2010.
They set off with a lightweight tent and a backpack and crossed Croatia, Albania, Greece and finally Sicily, the largest Italian island. Enthusiastic about the experience and the sense of freedom offered by travelling on two wheels, the pair decided that it would be their way to discover the world and this is confirmed by the exciting journey ahead.

From their first journey, the road map of these two characters has been greatly enhanced and the next destination will lead them to discover exotic foods, ancient cultures and mystical sites and locations. As seen from the map, Peter and Claudia are heading towards the continent of India through the legendary Silk Route. They began their journey on 20th May 2018 but they still have a long way to go…

Motorcycle trip itinerary to the East

Motorcycle trip itinerary to the East
Last Givi Adventure

The protagonists

Claudia and Peter

The protagonists

Claudia and Peter

Peter grew up in the picturesque south of Austria, next to Italy and Slovenia. In his free time he likes to go snowboarding in the mountains. As long as he can think he wanted to discover the world and its mysterious places. After finishing his studies of automation technology, now it is the right time to make this dream come true.
Riding on a motorbike is the perfect means of transportation for him, because you are free to go everywhere and discover countries independently. Feeling the weather and the rain as well as enjoying sunshine are part of the adventure.

Claudia was born in a small town in Austria and has been living in the beautiful city of Vienna for ten years now. She loves dancing and practicing yoga.
As a child she read many books and travelling stories that made her want to experience her own adventure. On language holidays as a teenager she got in touch with interesting people from other countries and enjoyed seeing many beautiful places.
After meeting Peter, they wanted to explore the world together on two wheels. As a pharmacist she knows the cure for many diseases except for the travel bug. The only solution is to get on the bike and be on the road.