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January 2013

The Patagonia GIVI Tour

Where it all began

GIVI Adventure
GIVI Adventure

In 2013, GIVI organised its first tour: a group of expert motorcycle travellers affiliated with the brand, coming from all over the world, journeyed to the wilds of faraway Patagonia in order to test out the then-new Trekker Outback cases. The idea of creating a dedicated portal to share experiences, stories and tips for lovers of motorcycle adventures was born on the way back from this trip.
Ten years on from Patagonia 2013 and the birth of GIVI Explorer, GIVI has launched an updated version of its iconic aluminium cases… might it be time to organise a new journey to put them to the test? For now, here’s the story of Patagonia 2013.

Travel diary

The following is a travel report of a unique journey: not some luxurious incentive trip to a Caribbean island, but a motorcycle tour across one of the destinations most beloved by enthusiasts of the sport… Patagonia! The trip was a dream come true for Vincenzo Visenzi (used to riding through the fields as a boy, he takes every chance to get back in the saddle), who managed to bring together an international group of people with a connection to the GIVI brand. The journey also provided an opportunity to test out the then-new Trekker Outback aluminium cases under the perfect conditions for this type of product.

Day 1

The start


Day 2

At the feet of the Andes

Bariloche -  Puerto Pañuelo bay - Nahuel Huapi Lake

Day 3

Nant y Fall Waterfalls

Nahuel Huapi Lakes - Trevelin - Esquel

Day 4

Curves and dirt roads

Los Alerces National Park Los Alerces - Futalaufquen Lake - El Bolsón

Day 5

Villa La Angostura - Pichi Traful waterfalls

Day 6

The Hosteria Piedra Pintada

Aluminé - Pulmari Lake

Day 7

Sheep, horses and oxen

Lago Aluminé - Villa Pehuenia - Zapala

Day 8

Farewell to the motorcycles

Zapala - Neuquén - San Martin de Los Andes



The Patagonia GIVI Tour: wher it all began
The Patagonia GIVI Tour: wher it all began Play Youtube