A journey which every rider has taken at least once in their lifetime can be defined with just one word: overwhelming.
The legendary Highway 38 from the Stelvio Pass and from The Stelvio International, one of the most important motorcycle gatherings in Europe, on board a fully equipped Yamaha MT-09


For motorcycle riders, the SS38 road around Stelvio is one of the most outstanding and beautiful. Here, you can begin a great adventure, discovering spectacular places, amazing views with lakes, waterfalls and nature reserves that are just waiting to be explored. There are also unique experiences to be discovered encompassing sport, health, culture and traditions typical of the region. It is a land steeped in history, boasting treasures dating back to the Roman age such as the popular thermal springs. As well as the precious resources and destinations rich in nature and gastronomy, a ride through this area is particularly rewarding and affords riders the pleasures that only motorcycle travel can bring.


The beauty of the perfect roads around Valtellina is a well-hidden secret, only known by very few! The Stelvio Pass is the most extreme point, the highest in Italy, at 2,800 meters. We discovered it on our Yamaha MT-09, starting our journey from Lake Como, where the Valtellina begins with the Nature Reserve; Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola and of course, not forgetting Highway 38.

The first stop is at Morbegno, where we have an opportunity to sample Bitto cheese, one of the most famous cheeses in the World. Then, time to take a diversion to Val Masino, where we find ourselves next to the stunning “Road of Cyclopes”, a fantastic route if travelling on two wheels and a unique destination for Free Climbing in Europe. Riding along the vineyard roads, we are ultimately rewarded with a panorama of “castles and wine” which links Berbenno to Teglio (within the Pizzocchero region) located between the bends and hairpins loved by motorcyclists. After passing through dry stone walls and long apple orchards, we arrive in Bromio, a town historically famous for its Thermal springs. We then continue onto the dams at the Cancano Lakes.

After numerous turns and tunnels at Premadio, we find ourselves at one of the most striking landscapes: the Fraele Towers, standing at over 1,900 meters. We continue riding, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and once we reach Lake San Giacomo we decide to take a break to drink in the panorama, breathing in the abundant fresh air and discovering a perfect kind of relaxation, thinking about our next tour!





    Riding the YAMAHA MT-09

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