A sculpture teacher at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Naples decides to leave on motorcycle from her city to reach, in solitary, Japan. She is Rosaria Iazzetta and in the exclusive interview for GIVI EXPLORER, released the day before her departure, she clarifies the reasons that have pushed her to face such an arduous yet adventurous test.

Hello Rosaria and thank you for agreeing to tell us about the aspects of your trip 24 hours before your departure. We can imagine just how much you will need to do in this short space of time! This is a long-distance motorcycle trip from Italy to Japan, from the 27 June to 20 October 2018, crossing 11 countries with the specific aim of encountering communities of women. How is it linked to you and your work as a professor of sculpture at the Accademia Belle Arti di Napoli / The Naples Academy of Fine Arts?

I’ll begin with the second part of your question. The connection is linked to my artistic soul. I have always worked in a studio that creates sculptures. What I’m going to create now is a social sculpture, devoid of a specific material to be shaped but still definable as an art project which works with the soul and with the conscience.The idea originates from my previous trip to northern Japan, in the region of Iwate. I was there for the purposes of research and discovered that this region has the highest number of female suicides. A paradox for me: how is it possible that those who bring forth new life into the world then end up taking their own? And why precisely is this phenomenon so widespread here?
My trip is dedicated to those women. I consider the physical effort of the journey as a gift to those who struggle silently every day to affirm their dreams and to those women who have been able to carve out a strong role in arts, in politics, in sport and in the various fields of sociology.

Why did you choose to travel by motorcycle?
Every time I have traveled by plane I’ve always been aware of losing some pieces of the journey and of the overall experience. By airplane you know the departure and arrival points but nothing of the realities that are in between. This project was born with the ambition to bring all these realities together, to reason in terms of comparison, in particular, how a specific social reality is experienced by a woman in a certain place in the world and how similar situations are experienced in neighboring countries. Now back to your question … I saw the motorcycle as the most appropriate means of transport for my purpose.

This is an adventurous and not a risk-free journey. What kind of motorcycle experiences have you encountered in the past?
I traveled across Europe with a smaller bike, a 250 cc but a distance this long is a totally new experience for me; we are talking about over thirteen thousand kilometers. On paper, the project is well planned; the unknown factors that I could confront along the way are not all foreseeable. I am well aware that I will be facing some risks along the way.

The motorcycle chosen for this journey is a Yamaha MT-07. Why did you pick this particular make/model?
It is my current bike … I know it well and trust it. Someone told me clearly that it is not really suitable for the type of trip I am undertaking from tomorrow. I know it’s a naked bike and it’s not very high off the ground but I know all its details. And besides, GIVI has equipped it extremely well transforming it into a “traveler”.

Is the name “Yellow Horse” inspired by the motorcycle? I ask this because I see that the upper structure of your Yamaha is a yellow colour.
Yes, partly. The name “Horse” relates to my past experience in the Iwate region of Japan. In ancient times that territory was known for a type of very fast and short-legged horse. As for the “yellow”, you’re right; it’s the same as that of my bike, a shade of bright yellow.



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