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To complete our European shortlist of the best roads to travel by motorcycle, we’ve scoped out what’s on offer in Romania, Germany, Norway, Montenegro, the United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic. This means we’ve got more suggestions than ever before... but we’re sure the number will continue to grow as you all share your personal experiences. 


The DN7C road, better known as Transfăgărășan, brings together everything you might expect to find in what’s generally considered one of the world’s most spectacular motorcycle routes.
It stretches for around 140 km from the Sibiu area, crossing the Carpathian Mountains until it reaches the town of Bascov. At one point, the route takes travellers through a pass at over 2,000 metres. One Romanian magazine describes the excellent condition of the asphalt and the flowing curves, of which there are many, alternating with bridges, lakes, drops down into the valley, viaducts and tunnels.
Make sure to check the periods when the route will be open (usually 4 months a year).
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Castle Road (Burgenstraße)
German bikers can’t speak highly enough of this route, which runs for around 580 km, starting in Mannheim before crossing the border to the Czech Republic and finishing in Prague. Medieval buildings and castles (around sixty) are dotted along the route, as well as quaint villages, but the undisputed star is the magical Hohenzollern Castle.

Black Forest High Road (Schwarzwaldhochstraße) – Black Forest
Speaking of magic, this German route (around 80 km) is sure to cast its spell on you. This is one of the oldest touristic roads, connecting the cities of Baden-Baden and Freudenstatd, taking in the entire Black Forest. This means riders will be surrounded by natural beauty: woods, waterfalls and the Rhine plain, as well as idyllic villages.


Trollstigen Road  
“The Troll’s Path” (also known as the golden route) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. With a length of 106 km, the Norwegian motorcycle press consider it one of the most difficult routes: a true challenge, but at the same time an extraordinary road thanks to its position, surrounded by fjords, mountains and postcard-perfect panoramas.
The Trollstigen begins in Langvatnet and ends in Åndalsnes. The highlight along the way is the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord, with spectacular waterfalls all around it. Rounding off the Troll’s Path are some spectacular landscapes and eleven breath-taking bends.

Atlantic Road  
A true miracle of engineering, which took thirteen years of planning. We're talking about the road that connects the island of Averøy with the Romsdal Peninsula. Though less than 10 km long, every inch of the route is a guaranteed “wow”. This ribbon of asphalt is spooled out across multiple little islands, crossing 8 bridges (one of which is 260 m long). The weather is not one of its strong suits, and the beauty of the location is often tempered by extreme riding conditions. However, it’s worth it for the incredible view that unfolds before your eyes, including the optical illusion that makes half the Storseisundet cantilever bridge appear to disappear into the heavens.


Tara River Canyon
This route centres on Europe’s deepest canyon (1,300 m deep and 80 km long), and has been described by many local motorcyclists as “travelling back into prehistory”. It’s easy to see why if you take a look at the bed of the Tara river, carved out over millions of years. If you choose to try out this route, you’ll find yourself immersed in a landscape of forests, dozens of waterfalls, and peaks of over 2,000 metres.  At a certain point, you have the option of parking up your motorcycle and experiencing the adrenaline-pumping 350 m zipline over the canyon (secured by a harness).  


Cliff Road (Cheddar Gorge)
Our British entry on the list brings us back to the topic of canyons (the longest and deepest in the United Kingdom). We recommend the B3135, a short route better known as Cliff Road. It runs from Cheddar, Somerset (England) and closely follows the edges of the gorge (meaning lots of tight bends and steep slopes). The white walls of the Gorge are visually striking, making it no wonder that these 14 “glorious” miles represent one of English riders’ best-loved routes.
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Lietvesi Scenic Road
Here by Saimaa, Finland’s largest lake, is one of the world’s most-photographed panoramic roads, which makes an indelible impression on all who travel it by motorcycle. It’s essentially like riding through a watery labyrinth, dotted with rocky islands and forests, all connected by bridges. The highlight consists of 5 km on highway 62 between Mikkeli and Puumala, two villages sitting close to the centre of the lake.
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A long stretch of road crosses Wallonia, a region of Belgium characterised by the immense variety of its landscapes. Motorcyclists will have the chance to discover green hills, canals and forests, villages and abbeys, castles and lots of quaint little hamlets to eat and sleep in. If you like beer (particularly the beer brewed by Trappist monks), you’ve come to the right place.
The journey from Arlon to Namur is 380 km in length. The winter months are to be avoided.
The inspiration to include this suggestion on our round-up came from reading the itinerary published by the website DUERUOTE, which won a prize from the Belgian Tourist Board.


The Lund - Kullaberg - Söderåsen - Lund loop route
This ring in the south of Sweden, approximately 250 km long, departs from Lund, considered the country’s oldest city (it was already in existence by the end of the Viking era) before taking in a number of locations in the county of Skåne.
The route follows the entire west coast until it reaches the Kullaberg peninsula and its nature reserve. From here, it turns inland as far as Söderåsen National Park and then back on the road.
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Nature is anadventure — and it starts here! The natural reserve is always open!
From here, you can enjoy a jaw-dropping view of the sea and the surrounding landscape.
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Deep valleys, dramatically steep slopes and thriving forests: just east of Helsingborg you’ll find ridges covered in beech trees, spectacular valleys and rushing streams. The view of the Skåne countryside is simply breath-taking.


Water, dams, meadows and forests - Northern Brabant
The Netherlands is rich in highly rewarding routes for motorcyclists to choose from.
Our chosen one, preferably experienced in autumn (to enjoy the colours), is a 166 km loop route which sets out from the town of Moerdijk and immediately opens onto the natural surroundings of Gat van Den Ham in the direction of the picturesque town of Drimmelen. The tour continues, bringing travellers to Loon op Zand before taking in the dunes of the Loonse en Drunense National Park. The scenery changes once again upon reaching the Forests of Oisterwijk, while before you take the De Heuvel Ophaalbrug bridge across the Wilhelmina Canal, just west of Oirschot. The wonderful view here makes it impossible not to stop and record the moment. We are now in the heart of the De Kempen region, one of the areas best loved by local riders. From Middelbeers, the route continues via Poppel and on to Alphen. Passing through, Strijbeek cross the river Mark and the splendid landscapes of Liesbos before returning to the Moerdijk bridge across some stunning dams.
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Suwalki Lake District
Poland is a nation of contrasts, with picturesque sites and surprising scenery. If you choose to visit the country by motorcycle, here’s an itinerary that many enthusiasts deem worthy of being counted as one of the “most beautiful roads in Europe”. It winds its way through the province of Podlaskie, whose exceptional natural heritage is recognised by the presence of no less than four National Parks.
The route we’re suggesting comes to around 121 km and crosses the lake district through Suwałki Park, the oldest park in Poland, famous for its stunning viewpoints. This is a mountainous region, reminiscent in parts of the Bieszczady Mountains, featuring dozens of little lakes scattered between the hills. Among these is Lake Hańcza, the deepest lake in the country and a prime destination for divers. Also worth noting are the Stańczyki railway viaducts, among the highest in Poland at around 40 m. Continuing on, you will come to the Rospuda river and the virgin Augustów Forest (if you love canoeing or water sports as well as motorcycling, you’ll think you’ve stumbled across paradise here). There are lots of lakes: plan for stops at Szelment Wielki, Szelment Mały, Rospuda, Garbas, Sumowo and Bolesty. Meanwhile, the road will bring you through the following settlements: Szypliszki, Becejły, Jeleniowo, Sidory, Rogożajny Wielkie, Mierkinie, Hańcza, Przerośl, Stańczyki, Dubeninki, Rakówek, Rospuda, Filipów, Bakałarzewo, Nieszki and Raczki.
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Forests, castles and legends…
Although it lacks the types of terrain particularly loved by motorcyclists (deserts, towering mountains, seas…), the Czech Republic is nonetheless one of the most popular European destinations for those travelling by two wheels. There’s no shortage of jaw-dropping scenery, much of which is concentrated around the scenic roads that criss-cross the rocky valleys of the Kokořín Protected Area.
Our recommended route starts north of Prague, close to Mělník to be precise. It crosses the valley of Kokořínský důl as far as the medieval Kokořín Castle (from the top, you can enjoy a view of the entire region). The road through Kokořín Forest also leads to the mysterious Houska Castle, worth a visit due to the legends that claim it conceals the gateway to hell. The castle is situated 47 km from Prague and around 15 km from Bezděz. The latter is home to another of this road tour’s stunning landmarks, in the form of a Gothic castle of remarkable beauty. Next, the route continues into the Liberec Region, around 20 km south-east of the town of Ceska Lipa.
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