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Wedding On The Top Of The World: instructions for use

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No white clothes or banquets. None of these Italian rules have been followed. 

Stefano  and Lara got married wearing technical bike clothing. With the helmet  sitting on chairs and wedding rings on gloves… a bit like a cushion. No family or friends present.

No family or friends present.
The ceremony has been celebrated by the priest in the chapel,  together with Jurgen Noack, clerk from the Honningsvag church, the  person contacted by the couple via e-mail two months before departure,  and with whom the date and time of the wedding were agreed. The next  step was to book the Nord Kappa Hall, the chapel, at the modest price of  300€.

Going back to the ceremony, everything was carried out in English  (fluently spoken), broken up by songs (as of their tradition): truly  emotional. The witnesses? Jurgen himself and a guy working at Cape North. The rite is protestant, so way quicker than the Catholic one: roughly 40 minutes in total. As a wedding present we received from the officials a painting made by a local painter.

Whoever wants to follow Stefano and Lara’s footsteps, can find all  the information regarding documentation to be submitted on this link: web-page of Tromsø’s town hall.

The list of documents comprises:

  • Separate personal declaration
Form is available to download and fill in as PDF format on the  website. Simply a conformity declaration stating you have the right  conditions to unite in matrimony (for example to prove you are not  related) One in total.

  • Statement by the sponsor
This PDF can also be downloaded from the site. It is a form for the witnesses.

One for each, it needs to be filled in with the required data.  Attention: witnesses are not necessarily intended as we see them, as in  just the ones attending the ceremony, but rather they are to be  understood as witnesses who prove what was written in the first form.

  • Birth certificates
Birth certificate, issued free of charge from your municipality  in multilingual version. One for each. They need to have a stamp from  the prefecture (also free of charge).

  • Passport
Certified copy of your passaport. Apostille stamps. One each. Attention: the Italian identity card is not accepted since there is no indication of sex!

  • Certificates from the home country
Multilingual certificate of matrimonial capacity. It is issued by the wedding office of your municipality. Issued free of charge. It needs to be stamped!

They will answer you via email to give you the final result and release the much desired certificate for No impediment to marriage (Prøvingsattest), which is essential to get married!