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The Project

The problem with an epic journey is, it can’t be limited to one!

Great Venture
Great Venture

Where has she been?
The attempt to translate my dreams to reality, I began a ride in 2015 where I rode 34,000Km across 22 states of India for 7 months. This gave me the confidence to travel solo and want to be on the road more, to explore cultures, cuisines and scenic views this planet has to offer. In 2018 I took on a more adventurous and challenging journey where I rode my Bajaj Dominar aka Skye from India to Australia through 10 Countries (India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Vietnam covering 29,277 kms a journey that was nothing short of being an epic one.

Where is she going now?

The problem with an epic journey is, it can’t be limited to one! This brings me to my current journey. I’m currently travelling across Europe, and I plan to cover 25 countries in the coming months. Another epic journey in the making, I think.
With a map placed on Skye’s tank I began to ponder which border should I cross next, with a motorcycle like Skye, and all my luggage safely stored within the Givi panniers, my next location was anywhere I wished it to be.
Stay tuned, more updates on my journey will be posted here shortly…

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