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Wales & Southern England

The scenic Mountains of Wales, always caught my attention.

Great Venture
Great Venture

My journey started when I got off the aircraft at Heathrow airport in London, where my first task was to clear my motorcycle through customs from the port of London. The first glimpse of Skye on English soil brought back memories of my journey to Australia, a memorable journey that was, and another one that was to begin. In the meanwhile, Givi was kind enough to send me the gear that would protect me during my ride. I was sent modular helmet, motorcycle jacket, trousers, gloves as well as compression gear to keep me comfortable in safe during my ride through Europe.


I officially kicked off this European ride at the Adventure Bike Riders Festival held at the grounds of Ragley Hall Estate in Warwickshire. A perfect start to this European ride, meeting like-minded motorcyclists, amazing motorcycles and great food and music, couldn’t ask for more.


After the amazing festival the mountains were calling me. The scenic Mountains of Wales, always caught my attention while scrolling through Instagram, so this is where I decided to head to next. Given the usually hot weather across Europe. This was the ideal place to be. the mountains were cold and chilly, The motorcycle gear, however, was ideal for this weather. The roads through these mountains were like a highway to heaven. Experienced a little bit of rain through the mountains but this did not hinder me much as the panniers were waterproof and kept all my luggage dry. After the mountains I began to head south, destination – the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO world heritage site in the south of England around Dorset, this 95 mile long stretch gets its name from the fossils within the cliffs date back to the Jurassic period (200 – 145  millions years ago). This coastline is extremely diverse and beautiful landscape and is also responsible for the birth of the study of Palaeontology.
Although I would have liked to spend more time in the UK, it was time for me to head to the European union to ensure I made the best use of the visa I had.

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