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Morocco, W-sahara and Mauritania

Great Venture
Great Venture

Upon my arrival in Tangier in Africa, I begin making my way south, first picking up a local SIM card and exchanging some euro for the local currency, the dirham.
Morocco is a land of contrasts: medieval scenes of carts and mules alongside luxury cars. Rubbish is piled up everywhere, but the people are extremely friendly, especially when conversation is smoothed along with a smile and a greeting.
It is late evening when I arrive in El Jadida, where a few members of a bikers’ club help me to find a hotel and everything else I need.

On the following day, 31 October, they accompany me to take out a 10-day insurance policy for my motorcycle, the maximum length of time I’ve allowed myself to cross the country.
I’ve made the decision to head south without delay, reasoning that I’d rather dedicate my time to those parts of Africa I’m less likely to return to.

My passage through Morocco continues with a visit to Marrakech before moving further south, to Tan-Tan, where I spend the night in a city hotel at a cost of €25.00.On the cusp of crossing Western Sahara, a mist hangs in the air from the wild, majestic Atlantic Ocean that I’ve coasted all day long…
Next up are the first wild bivouacs in Africa… there really is no place that compares with Western Sahara.

On the Dakhla road I make friends with local bedouins and by the end of the day my motorcycle and I have reached the Tropic of Cancer.
This African landscape is new to me and full of fresh discoveries, offering feelings and experiences I’ve never had before.

After almost two weeks I leave Morocco behind to enter Mauritania, where the border is rife with corruption and the situation can be challenging, particularly with the immense heat and dust everywhere.

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