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Respect between motorcyclists

Great Venture
Great Venture

I finally enter Nigeria with my friend Sugar, who escorts me as far as Lagos and lets me stay in his home as we explore the treasures that this hectic metropolis has to offer.
Sugar, a driving instructor and photographer, introduces me to a number of motorcycle dealers here in Lagos, and I am inundated with friendship and gifts from the biker community.
I go to Port Harcourt with them for @muscleonwheelsng, an annual event in which the entire biker community here in Nigeria takes part.

As you know, FabryRock comes from the custom world of American bikers’ clubs and bike weeks: one thing I can promise you is that here in Nigeria, they know the meaning of respect and brotherhood between motorcyclists.The next morning I leave Port Harcourt and head north-east. The original plan was to go to Abuja with the Nigerian bikers, but a delay means that I end up leaving alone. So, I decide to go straight towards Yola, a city in Adamawa State.
It takes me two days to reach Yola, with considerable difficulty: the roads are slow, with potholes and many checkpoints resulting in hold-ups.

This part of the country has a great deal of problems: one of the reasons for all these checks is that the city is in a “red zone” due to the high risk of terrorist attacks by the jihadists of Boko Haram.After a visit to Zing,
where Father Michael of the parish of St Thomas brings me to see the Catholic school and the nuns’ monastery, I will set out for Cameroon in the hope of finding fuel: here in Nigeria, there may be problems with the supply chain until Christmas.
To get to Cameroon, I will have to cross through the Faro National Park where many wild animals live — including lions…WATCH THE GALLERY

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