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The Project

The important thing has always been to just hit the road

Great Venture
Great Venture

For a few years, I have used all my holiday time for motorcycle trips: no matter how long or in which season, the important thing has always been to just hit the road. However, I had dreamt of a different journey, one that is longer in terms of both distance and duration, providing the freedom to experience lands and their peoples at a more leisurely pace and without the haste that haunts any motorcyclist with less than 30 days available and an extensive itinerary to cover. Following years of preparation and waiting, I did not miss the chance of a completely free summer last year: I arranged it with Arianna. I recovered all the maps I had bought a long time before and we pointed the wheels of our motorcycles towards the East. The destination was Central Asia, the Pamir Mountains, a must for any adventure motorcyclist and especially for those keen on mountains, like us, but without forgetting the importance of the countries we were crossing and experiencing their individual and relevant uniqueness. Croatia and its mountains, Bosnia and its recent history of martyrdom, Bulgaria and its Soviet historical finds, Turkey, with its vast wealth of historical and natural beauty, the whole of Armenia, part of Russia with wonders such as the city of Elista, the camels of Kazakhstan, the medinas of Uzbekistan, the green mountains of Kyrgyze and the rough roads of Tajikistan. An extraordinary journey full of challenges that was a turning point for Arianna’s capability to invest in writing, thanks to the notebooks she filled with stories, and it inspired my next adventures either with or without my motorcycle!

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