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Stage 4


Motorcycle trip to Australia

Great Venture
Great Venture

We land in Perth, Western Australia, where we spend some time earning some money for the trip. We start by working on a cow farm and discover the evil hidden behind the milk cartons at the supermarket.
We also stop to work in the city: Davide is engaged in thousands of floor paving jobs and I (Jackie) work between a maid and a shop assistant, so we basically end up never seeing each other.

After a year and a half of hard work we resume the journey. We cross the Australian continent far and wide. From Perth to Broome, where we enjoy the wild Australian beaches, the unusual deserts, its bizarre kangaroos and sweet wallabies and the endless bays populated by whales and dolphins. We proceed along the Gibb River Road where the heat and the destructive bush-fires are juxtaposed with the cool waters of the deep canyons.
We can still remember the fear of crocodiles while in Darwin and spiders as huge as the country’s national parks. We also meet some new people, the noisy Australian aborigines. We come across the legends of the Black Mountains and take a dip back into the story of the great Captain Cook.

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