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Italy – Nordkapp

Trip by motorbike to the Nordkapp

Great Venture
Great Venture

Young couple who dream to travel the World free and without agenda. One motorbike, a Suzuki V-Strom 650, equipped with Givi accessories and one destination that seems far away but becomes increasingly closer: Nord Cape.

From Modena to Nordkapp 

The decision to drop everything to follow your dreams is not an easy one to make on the spot. But on two wheels, it can easily be done! You can set off from a small town or suburb and ultimately arrive at the end of the Earth.
From Modena, passing through Austria and Germany, crossing Holland and Denmark, traveling through Sweden and Norway, you can reach Nordkapp, in the Arctic Circle.
And with feelings of intense joy because the intense passion, for motorcycles and motorcycle travel melts the cold as well as any doubts.

Fairy-Tales are true, the paradise exists and the night is light

We set off from Modena in a state of heightened excited: we are finally travelling! Heading North we stop off at Lake Garda and at Lake Toblino. We try out our “Zuki” at the Mendola Pass and we traverse the countryside of Trento. At the Resia Pass we enter Austria and driving along a scenic backdrop of mountains and forests, we reach Germany and choose to take roads that are alternative to those used by the masses. We endure a wet night, pouring with rain and “Zuki’s” tantrums and we face another 650km of road. Following a path through the woods, we find ourselves in the middle of what looks like a fairy-tale. When we wake up, we head towards Amsterdam, where we are Remy’s guests and we visit the “Capital of Giants” with its splendours.
Next stop: Denmark.
To reach Denmark we travel through another stretch of Germany riding along beautiful long, level roads, indicative of the plains in Germany and that there is where we bump into our memorable “German grandfathers”. After having lunch in Nyborg, Fiona Island, we arrive at Copenhagen. The Oresund Bridge, the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge leads us into the area of Malmo, Sweden, where we visit Uddevalla and Trollhättan before replacing Zuki’s chain.
Then we see…Paradise: if paradise really does exist, then for us, it must be exactly like Norway! A truly beautiful country where free camping is essential! After Oslo, nature’s beauty surrounds us: greenery, lakes, mountains, creeks, waterfalls and even an endless glacier. We climb Pulpit Rock, a very high overhanging granite cliff.
We continue heading North towards Bergen, a coastal city surrounded by mountains. We pass through Trollstigen, the Troll’s road and finally we enter the Arctic Circle. The road to Nordkapp is in the middle of thick forests and cold moors and proves to be a tough path. But at 1am, amidst a floodlit night, we arrive at our destination: North Cape.


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