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When we talk about off-road riding, we’re thinking of tackling dirt roads, trails or mule tracks and even fording the occasional river: all part of the adventure touring experience.
In this segment, we've brought together all the medium- and high-powered twin cylinder maxi enduro bikes: those with semi-knobby tyres, suitable for achieving a good speed on asphalt, while guaranteeing a safe ride on dirt roads.
This motorcycle category is the focus of the following article, in which we will highlight the accessories that help to protect the most delicate and exposed parts of your bike in the event of a fall.
Specific protections for all mechanical parts are available on the market, including a vast range offered by GIVI. Among these are technical accessories specifically created to adapt to the shape and design of many motorcycle models currently available for sale.
The following is a list of the accessories you can’t do without. And don’t forget, each one has been specially developed to best adapt to the chassis of your own motorcycle.


GIVI develops engine guards to suit each individual motorcycle model. What they all have in common is their sturdy metallic tube structure, with a 25 mm diameter. Over time, the brand has added to the range the option of expanding the classic engine guard, mounted in the lower engine area, with a second component that extends protection to the upper part, reaching the base of the tank. The high engine guard can also be used to support the attachment of extra spotlights.
The need for a double engine guard again springs from the design of maxi enduros, all of which have rear suspensions with increased extension, raising up the riding position and, as a result, the front end.

This protection helps to prevent direct contact between the engine heads and the ground in the event of a slip or fall from the kickstand. The version offered by GIVI, in anodised steel, stands out for its impressive design, which can transform a purely functional accessory into a feature with real aesthetic value. It is particularly recommended for the protection of BMW boxer engines.


Designed to protect the oil sump from stones, potholes and bumps, the sump guard is an exceptionally useful accessory not just when tackling challenging off-road routes, but also on simple dirt roads or even paved roads. GIVI offers a range of them in satin anodised aluminium, all designed to best adapt to specific motorcycle models.
The clean, simple design, while continuing to offer a high level of protection, perfectly suits the aesthetics of enduro and maxi enduro motorcycles, giving them an even more “aggressive” look.

The radiator protection offered by GIVI consists of a stainless steel mesh panel, painted black, designed to be installed in front of the radiator and protect it from foreign bodies like stones and debris thrown up by the motorcycle itself or by the vehicles ahead of it. The grille is easy to attach without altering the original parts of the vehicle, thanks to a special mounting kit developed specifically for every motorcycle model.


This accessory has been designed to widen the resting base of the side stand, thus reducing the risk of the vehicle falling over, particularly on unstable, muddy or sandy ground.
GIVI offers a range of them made from machined, satin anodised aluminium, with the upper support in 316L stainless steel, with a technical aesthetic line that adapts perfectly to the motorcycle’s original kickstand.

If you wish to protect your motorcycle and prevent its mechanical parts from becoming damaged by falls, or simply by stones and soil, check the availability of dedicated accessories for your model in the “MY MOTORCYCLE” section of the website.