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Travelling with a tent

Of course, after riding for several hours the idea of being able to rest in a comfortable bed becomes a priority … but the charm of camping under the stars remains irresistible.

Which tent should you buy? The market is full of options which take up little space on board, including specific ones for motorcycles. Here are a few that we’ve picked out for you.

Camping with a motorcycle is perhaps the ultimate expression of freedom. On two wheels you can get off the road and look for places where camping is inaccessible to other vehicles. The contact with nature is full on. Nothing to do with camper vans!
If a tent is bound to become your home for quite a long time, you have to pick one methodically. Sizes and types are personal choices, as long as they go hand in hand with lightness, strength and water resistance.
Quality tents cost but do not skimp on this expense. If climate and temperature change over the course of the ride you have drawn, the tent has to protect you from wind and rain. If you aim to go north you need at least a 3 seasons tent and a suitable sleeping bag. If you are travelling in two you can share a tent but not the sleeping bag.
To your camping equipment you will need to add a rechargeable lamp, a stove and some crockery.
In general, the ideal bike-travel in a tent is that which develops in temperate climates.
The disadvantages?
Well, the fact that every day, or almost, the tent should be mounted in the evening and diasassembled in the morning. It is true that with time, you will learn to choose the most suitable place to set up your camp in the quickest way.
Below you will find the models selected by GIVI EXPLORER. The group includes tunnel tents with garage area for the bike, further options that use the vehicle as a support structure, up to the most extreme solutions, consisting of self-supporting hammocks and really minimal bivouac sacks. Read on …

People, motorcycle, luggage … under one roof


€179.95 on the official website
or €139 on amazon

This tunnel tent model from Grand Canyon provides enough space to comfortably hold 3 people and has an area just for gear and luggage. Meanwhile, you can park your motorcycle securely inside the middle part. With its excellent longitudinal wind resistance, the Robson 3 is made from lightweight and 100% waterproof materials. The outer tarp can withstand water up to 3,000 mm, while the bottom can withstand 4,000 mm. Mosquito net inserts and large covered ventilation openings promote air circulation and prevent condensation.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions in metres (LxWxH): 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.5; package dimensions in cm: Ø20 x 72; Weight: 5.7 kg.


€599 on the website

Well known to riders who travel the world, the ATACAMA EXPEDITION provides a covered area to park your motorcycle and a spacious sleeping area which can accommodate up to three people and is sized for sleeping lengthwise. In addition, two J-door entrances allow you to crawl into your sleeping bag without having to climb over the other person. The fabric is more resistant to tearing, and the stakes, now 23 cm, are more versatile and robust.
The new Atacama Expedition also has a privacy screen on the vestibule of the garage door. The large garage area, built to shelter motorcycles (it can accommodate an adventure tourer with hard suitcases) has greatly evolved from the original version. The space is high enough to stand up in and allows you to work around the motorcycle, change clothes, etc.
The tent can be carried in a 50-litre bag.

SPECIFICATIONS: 3-season tent; people: 3; average weight: 6 kg; maximum width: 254 cm; maximum length: 510 cm; floor size: 229 x 127 cm; bed area: 234 x 241 cm; motorcycle area: 254 x 127 cm; vestibule area: 5.6 m2; maximum height: 195 cm; doors: 4; floor fabric: 70D 190T ripstop nylon 10,000 mm; waterproof fabric: coated 68D 210T ripstop nylon with 4,000 mm; interior tent fabric: 75D 190T/P breathable; mosquito nets: discretion screens B3; no. of poles: 3 in 7001 T6 aluminium; packing size: 53 x 23 cm. 


€599 on


405 x 215 x 170 cm
€109.99 on the official website

Once again, this is a tent which can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people, a standard size motorcycle, luggage and gear. Made from 190T polyester with a polyurethane coating, it can withstand up to 2,000 mm of water. The heat-sealed coating protects against UV rays. It is easy to set up with the use of strong poles, metal stakes and nylon cords to guarantee greater stability.
With the convenience of two entrances, the tent ensures the proper level of internal ventilation thanks to breathable mesh areas and windows.
The interior tent can be used separately.

SPECIFICATIONS: Total dimensions: 405 x 215 x 170 cm (interior dimensions for sleeping: 215 x 215 x 170 cm); maximum height: 170 cm; pole diameter: 8.5 mm; weight: 5.3 kg.

The Mototent V2


€499 on lone rider’s website (worldwide delivery)

It can accommodate one or two people, luggage and a motorcycle equipped for touring, the latter hidden from curious eyes inside the garage space, re-sealable on both sides. On the side of the motorcycle opposite the sleeping area there is a small vestibule, useful for example for cooking. The tent is easy to set up and with practice you can mount it, according to Lone Rider, in under 10 minutes thanks to a system with closed sleeves on one side. The polyester floor is of excellent quality and fits the inner sheet of the sleeping area and the garage area.
The manufacturer indicates the MOTOTENT V2 as the lightest tunnel tent capable of seating a motorcycle on the market: only 5.9 kg. Waterproof zippers and the Fly hydrostatic fabric also maintain the inside dry during a downpour (resistant to 10,000 mm of water). The same fabrics are flame retardant and resistant to UV rays. Comfort is guaranteed by the possibility of standing in the middle of the tent (190 cm). Interesting is the possibility to disconnect the internal sleeping area to transform the entire tent in a space where you can work on the bike in case you need mechanical interventions.

SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: (poles, tent, tie rods, etc.): 5.44 kg; packed size: 60 x 20 cm; inner fabric: 190T breathable CPAI84 Nylon; pegs and stakes in aircraft aluminium 7001-T6.


Found on ebay at €178

A tunnel tent, Easy Camp can accommodate up to 3 people and has a large garage space. Equipped with a triple anchorage system (ideal if you are traveling in windy areas), the Spirit 300 offers a “solid” shelter to the couple and extra luggage space. Indeed it is perhaps too large for a big solitary raid but it’s perfect for weekends and summer vacations by bike. Considering the presence of a tunnel and an external porch, with detachable base, the assembly appears however easy and fast. The entrance gates are two (front and back); in the sleeping area a lantern can be hanged, and comes with a convenient pocket … to keep things tidy. The outer fabric is breathable polyester tested to withstand water up to 2000 mm, not a very high figure. But then, given the very competitive price of the tent, some compromise must be made. The floor is 100% polyethylene. The poles are made of fiberglass.

SPECIFICATIONS: pole diameter: 8.5 mm; dimensions in cm (LxWxH): 410 x 200 x 120; package dimensions in cm (LxWxH): 63 x 19 x 19; tent height (cm): 100–120; weight: 4.5 kg.

The bike becomes bearing structure


Available for purchase on the official website for worldwide delivery.
The price is €388.95.

The Goose is a fully waterproof single tent in 420 g ripstop canvas, with a wing/awning that attaches directly to the tank and seat of the motorcycle to create a porch area for storing your riding gear and sheltering from the sun. Also included is a high-density foam mattress with a built-in sleeping bag. For transport, instead of a classic bag, there is an exterior waterproof cover that wraps around the tent itself, which doubles as an extra 4 m2 tarp to sit on.
Finally, the Goose has two hooks positioned at the ends (under the beaks) to hang your helmet from, to keep it safe and hidden.
SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions when set up: length: 200 cm; width: 75 cm; height: 70 cm; wing length: 125 cm. Dimensions when rolled up: length: 63 cm; width: 34 cm; height: 34 cm. Weight: 10 kg.


Available on the official website for £99.
Also available for purchase on other specialist websites.

The SVAROG England single-wall tent, suitable for one or, if you squeeze a little, even two people, is the ideal solution for those who do not want to weigh themselves down while driving. In fact, it weighs around 1.7 kg. The tent is supported by your motorcycle.
Its main technical features include a door with side zipper, waterproof material and a hidden inside pocket.
SPECIFICATIONS: Interior floor surface area: 213.3 cm x 106.6 cm; height: 91.4 cm; weight: 1.6 kg. Included in the package: the tent in its compressible carry bag; 8 stakes; 3 tie-down cords.

Nomad 4 camp tent

For €285 on

We are in the non-stand-alone tents section, that is, where the bike plays a leading role in supporting the tend. The fourth edition from the AbelBrown brand, the NOMAD 4 is made of 100% waterproof fabric and, compared to previous versions, has an additional side area, separated from the interior passenger compartment by a breathable mesh wall, useful for storing luggage, to facilitate —- together with the upper air vent — internal recirculation and prevent condensation accumulating. If you prefer not to hook the tent to your bike, you can use the compatible poles for Nomad tents, which can also be purchased on the official website.
SPECIFICATIONS: Interior floor surface area: 213.3 cm x 106.6 cm; height: 91.4 cm; weight: 1.5 kg. Package dimensions: 30.4 cm x 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm.

The hammock needs two trees, at times three if you have chosen the desert … skip this section


$ 472 on junglehammock.Com

3-season model with two independent beds and luggage space. Despite being suspended, this hammock allows one of the two occupants to get out without disturbing the other. The Vertex has breathable mosquito net fabric and a WeatherShield zipper, which keeps you warm when you need it and adds privacy.
The hanging system requires three supports, but if there are no trees available, it is possible to set the tent up directly on the ground using a waterproof tarp and three stakes. When temperatures drop, you can attach the matching Z Liner 270 underquilt (sold separately) to each bed to stay warm in temperatures as low as -17°C.

SPECIFICATIONS: People: 2; Climate: 3-seasons; packaging weight: 2.3 kg; Packing size: 50 x 17 cm .; Weight Limit: 113 kg (per room); Total weight limit (people and things): 318 kg.

Covered hammock clark nx270 4-season

$ 395 dollari on junglehammock.Com

This is the single-seater version proposed by the North American CLARK. The licensed system designed for the NX line has made it one of the best-selling 4 seasons hammock. Ready to face even winter temperatures, it combines the feeling of spaciousness and comfort to an easier than ever set-up. The NX270 has internal pockets and six insulating compartments in the hammock where to put boots, gloves and other accessories to keep dry.In particular, the model has a multi-layer structure A) the net cover, B) the breathable fabric with WeatherShield zip, which transforms the hammock into a real enclosed tent supplying heat and a barrier against wind and rain, C) a further thermal insulating layer that keeps within an appropriate temperature even when outside there are 0 degrees.
SPECIFICATIONS: People: 1; support ropes: polypropylene (1710 lb test)1 .; poles: flexible fiberglass; Climate: 4 seasons; packing weight: 1.34 kg; Packing size: 40 x 20 x 15 cm .; weight limit: 136 kg

Ideal solution in case of emergency



Quick and easy to set up and take down, the ultra-light Helium Bivy can accommodate one person and makes an excellent emergency bivy. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a minimalist camping solution for motorcycle journeys. It weighs just over 140 g and is made from a sturdy, waterproof technical material, with a clamshell opening that makes it easy to get in and out and resists wear.

SPECIFICATIONS: people: 1; dimensions: ‎38.1 x 25.4 x 15.24 cm; weight: 141.75 grams.