Paolo De Dea, born in 1960, lives in Belluno and is a true globe-trotter. A two-wheeler who clocks up over 70,000 km a year.
His first trip is a must for every rider and took him to the North Cape… the latest journey led him to face a foray across Iceland, which not only put a strain on his body, but also challenged his BMW.
He is now ready to set off for a world tour: Huntures World Tour 2018!
The bike, geared for long journeys, looks like a spaceship on two wheels. It is an extremely reliable 2017 BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE LC.
What made him realize to be ready for “the great leap forward”?
“I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, because every day there is a fluctuation of enthusiasm and doubts and fears, but I’m sure that when I kick off this ultimate adventure all my fears and doubts will vanish as if by magic. I’m sure there will be problems and unexpected events to face, though my willingness and determination will take over and be my guardian angels while I’m still planning and living my dream”.




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