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Stage 11


Motorcycle trip to Azerbaijan

Great Venture
Great Venture

We arrive by ferry in the port of Alat in Azerbaijan, located 70kms towards South of Baku, the capital.
Once landed, we need to be very patient for the long process of our entry on this new country. X-ray scanning of our luggages, passport control, vehicle document and importation, fees for the crossing ($110 per sidecar) to pay plus a port fee ($20 per sidecar). After 6 hours of paperwork and patience, we are officially on the Azerbaijan land.

On the ferry, we met a German couple, Maika and Christoph, travelling with a Russian Uaz van. We decide to continue the following weeks of adventures, all together.
First, we head to Baku to visit the capital. Seaside city, modern and green, we enjoy its historic town centre. After a great evening with some members of the moto club of the city, we go towards North of the country. We ride through the flat steppes before to arrive in green valleys. The area is more interesting for riding and perfect for finding wild camping spots. The roads are in very good conditions with a smooth asphalt. However, the unleaded was here a little bit more expensive (around 0,78€ per litre).
We cross the Sheki village where we discover a beautiful palace built in the 18th century and nice little paved streets. We continue our road towards the Georgian border and reach it after crossing Balakan.
We stay only a few days in Azerbaijan but it was nice to discover Baku and ride in the valleys. It’s also good to know that an area of the country is forbidden due to some political conflicts.

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