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Stage 12


Motorcycle trip in Georgia

Great Venture
Great Venture

Still traveling with Maika and Christoph, we cross the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, just before Matsimi. No issue, we only needed to show our passports, vehicle document and having a X-ray scanning of our luggage on the Azerbaijan side.
After crossing the border, we arrive in the little village of Lagodekhi. Wild camping before to hike in the National Reserve leading us to the Ninoskhevi waterfall after walking 9kms between rocks and forests. The waterfall is breathtaking with a 40m height and a beautiful turquoise colour. Then, we head to the Monastery of David Gareja. Once reached the Ubdani village, last 15kms are unpaved but doable. Lost in the mountains, at the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, this monastery offers an amazing view.

Then, we head to Tbilisi, the capital. On the way, we make a break to discover one of the local specialities: the Georgian wine which is surprisingly aged in big amphorae buried in the ground. Tbilisi is a capital rich by its history and gastronomy. Capital destroyed 26 times due to its strategic position between Europe and Asia, Tbilisi has today a lot of charm thanks to the varied architectures.
Then we continue our journey by popping by the Monastery of Jvari. The view, over the Mtskheta city and its fortified cathedral, is worth it!
Georgia is also famous for its caves. Less than 100kms further, the Uplistsike caves date from the 2 BC. At its peak, it was one of the most important religious and political centres of the country.

We continue our journey and arrive in Bojormi, a well-known city for the benefits of its water, before to reach Vardzia. The road is smooth and nicely winding in spite of the rain and hail storm we go through. Fortress-town built in the 12th century, Vardzia has been built on a cliff. It’s impressive and huge!
Then, we ride around 200kms in the mountains. The road is great, winding and smooth with again beautiful scenery. After a wild camping night by the Shaori lake, we visit the Prometheus caves which are the biggest caves of Georgia. Nice but very touristic and crowded.
We cross Kutaisi before to reach the coast and go alongside the Black Sea before to reach the Turkish border. No worries to find unleaded and the price was a bit higher than in Azerbaijan (around 0,80€ per litre). Main roads are in very good conditions but some of the secondary ones can be a bit tricky. Georgie being very green, it’s quite easy to find good wild camping spots.

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