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The Project

Adventure Travel in Sidecar

Great Venture
Great Venture

Going travelling to discover the world in the aim of sharing our experience, this is our leitmotif. We would like to meet the locals and discover their culture by crossing many countries off the beaten tracks, far away from the tourist areas. After our travels, we would like to bring back true images of the countries visited and real stories with locals.
Our project will have also an educational and informative aim. We wish to share with the next generation the taste for travelling and being open-minded with all the cultures. Therefore, we will regularly share our experience with a school that we have partnered with.

The Itinerary

Our tour is not definitive yet but our aim is to go to South America first. We will arrive in Bogota and receive the delivery of our side-cars in Cartagena on the 24-25th September. We will travel along the West coast: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and Uruguay.
Then, we will ship the sidecars to Finland. In the meantime, we will travel in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam without our vehicles but we will probably rent motorbikes.
Once the sidecars will arrive in Finland, we will visit Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italia and then we will go back to France.
We already know that we will face many difficulties which means many changes of itineraries. Plus, as previously mentioned, we wish to share our travel and listen to the advice from locals, therefore our itinerary will evolve depending on the tips we may receive.

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