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Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana

Landscape is very picturesque, I recommend to do not missed the safari activities

Great Venture
Great Venture

Mozambique landscape is very picturesque and reminded me of my own hometown back in India, though I must confess, I have never seen so many gun-totting police on the streets.
The highlight of my ride into Maputo is the longest suspension bridge in the continent of Africa… The Maputo – Katembe Bridge across the Maputo Bay spanning over 3 Kilometers!

The other top significance is to face the Indian Ocean and look behind me on over the Trans Kalahari Highway – a 1300 kms highway that took me across the 4 southern African countries all the way to Walvis Bay, Namibia and kissing the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the dream highways that I want to tick off my bucket list!

Mozambique into Zimbabwe is a route that force myself to get back into South Africa. The new variant of Covid-19 – Omicron just doesn’t seem to make it easy for border crossings, with fewer borders open to manage the influx-outflux of people using them, forcing me to explore those borders that remain open for crossings… Unfortunatly, tourists are the worst effected but the locals usually manage in one way or the other.

So, I back to Johannesberg and onwards north towards the open border of Bietbridge! One of the most cluttered borders that will allow me to cross from South Africa to Zimbabwe.

The agenda for Zimbabwe was Victoria Falls and the Quadripoint in Kazungula, the only place in the world where 4 countries share a common border. Here I got to make a new friend from the famous Shearwater Adventures and this friendship will last a long time…
Brighton took time off and we enjoyed many places this region has to offer… he almost got me to bungee jump, but I settled for the Flight of the Angels over the world’s largest – Victoria Falls!
While here, and as a backup, should Angola pose a threat for not giving me the Visa, I tried an online application, which gracioulsy got rejected! and I know the reason too :))
Travel in Covid times has not been easy this far… I see a lot of businesses that have gone bust, glaring poverty and survival has been indeed of those who were the fittest!

Circling back into Botswana from the Quadripoint after some time off with the safari to see the wildlife. I recommend to do not missed the safari activities… though they were never my priority, the sheer intensity of these huge animals and specific region characteristics dragged me to spend 2 nights in Kazungula and I have no regrets.
The road to Gabarone was over the beautiful monument of the Tropic of Capricorn, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful after the Equator Monument in Ecuador.
The road into Botswana was in attempt to hook up to the Trans Kalahari Highway which Starts / Finishes in Mozambique and cuts across South Africa, Botswana and ends in Walvis Bay, Namibia with a distance of over 1300 km across the ruthless Kalahari Desert.
Namibia… from all the countries that I have on my radar, this one tops… and I am sure it won’t be disappointing!