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Stage 1

South Africa

Most definitely the most advanced country in the African Continent.

Great Venture
Great Venture

A dream ride to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of the African Continent, to celebrate a 25th Wedding Anniversary milestone with the only woman who has fueled my dream to achieve the unthinkable!
This will be the start of what 35000 kms ahead of me would have to offer… The best of my dreams has just taken off… Remember, this is Africa, and there will be plenty of detours, so don’t be surprised that plans get overshadowed with what will eventually be!

To Cape Agulhas via Willowmore

The landscape changed from flat to mountainous as we entered the Western Cape. We could not continue to Cape Agulhas as by the time we reached Barrydale we saw a thunderstorm ahead.  I am in a No-Risk travel and chose to call it a day off since also the temperature was dropping pretty badly.
We rode over the Tradourivier between the Zuuberg Nature Reserve & Boosmansbos Wilderness Area and witnessed many baboons through this pass road.  We were skeptical that they might attack being scared by the sound of the motorcycle and did not bother to slow down!

Exiting South Africa to Mozambique

Leaving Johannesburg, somewhere along the road, I missed a turn and the route took me through one of the roads that I dreaded at each step. I had to ride through over 100 kms of gravel, compacted mud, and broken roads.  To make the experience even more nightmarish, it started to pour. I was hoping that it was not pouring on my route as there is NO WAY that my load and tyres will hold that terrain…. Thankfully, the rains were on the other side and where it was actually pouring, it was on compacted non-slippery gravel.  The bike and suspensions managed it pretty well and I was out on the tarmac heading off to Richards Bay.  This will be my last night as I head out of South Africa into Mozambique.