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Stage 3

Namibia and Angola

I have not and will never get enough of Namibia, even though I have been several times.

Great Venture
Great Venture

Keetmanshoop, Fish River Canyon, Luderitz, Kolmanskoop, Solitaire and the Sossusvlei Deadvlei region, Maltahöhe, The Himba, Kamanjab to Fingerklippe, then to Hoba Meteorite and Tsumeb, Etosha and finally leaving for Angola. While I may have just listed the places, each place has left a deep memory, a desire to go back experience it again.

I can easily say that I have had a near-death experience, without water, but that was my own fault, but I recommend that you don’t leave Namibia without the amazing experiencing of travelling through the Sossusvlei landscapes.
It’s hard to believe they exist. Deadvlei floored me. How is that the sand dunes from the Big Daddy have not covered this patch of dead trees that have been here for God knows how long!
Just a few months back a person got separated from his team and was found dead of dehydration, so, please exercise caution, stay with your group and take plenty of water and stay hydrated!
The most difficult day of riding in over 30 years, and it was a distance of just 250 kms that re begging for water!
The crossing into Angola was the most dramatic part. Travelling during the pandemic was not easy and it made it hard when the borders were closed and you had to apply for a visa online with no communication with any personnel from the Embassy.

But that’s when the power of the Indian Diplomacy comes in. The Embassy of India placed a request with the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Angola ad got a Security Protocol in place. This meant that the Angolan government would happily provide an escort from the border to Luanda, but then I was still not done with Namibia when all this was happening. When I finally reached the border, the Immigration Officer coolly mentioned, “We have been waiting for you”. Now, that was so nice to hear!! From the Oshikango border into Santa Clara on the Angolan side to Lubango – Lobitho – Luanda, the Calendula Falls to exiting Angola at the Lofu Border post that took me to Kinshasa – The Democratic Republic of Congo.
This border has the reputation of being one of the most dangerous border posts in all of Africa  but hey, reputation aside, it was one of the most beautiful and friendly border posts on my journey so far.

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