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Stage 2

Italy and Visiting Givi Headquarters

GIVI general headquarters in Brescia

Great Venture
Great Venture

Having travelled Tunisia and been stopped at the border with Libya, we took another ferry to Italy. My cases were damaged, not only due to impacts and crashes but also the excessive load, seeing as both of the GIVI Outback aluminium cases we had were loaded with more than 20 kg of kit. We needed to repair them and, seeing as we were in Italy, we got in touch with the GIVI general headquarters in Brescia, which was actually on our way as we headed towards Switzerland.
We spoke to Mario, who works in the technical office at GIVI, and he told us to pop in.
He and Simona were very welcoming and helped us with everything we might need for our adventure. They were happy to be able to support us during our long trip and receive our important feedback after such intensive use of the GIVI products.
That support from the company was very important. They replaced Vicente’s damaged cases with identical, new ones, while my cases were still in incredibly good shape despite the many falls, and only needed a little maintenance. They gave us everything we needed and we knew we could count on the full support of GIVI and its team. They are all motorcycle lovers, from the owner to the warehouse worker, an excellent company made up of motorcycle enthusiasts.

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