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Stage 6

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia


Great Venture
Great Venture

After about three hours and completely at night and without the drone being discovered, we entered Kuwait, the Viking marks 92,000 km, which are the kilometers since we left Spain after returning from NordKapp and changing motorcycles more than three years ago.
This country where gasoline costs €0.25 a liter, small, modern, and desert where you can leave your motorbike with your jacket on, the phone on the motorbike and the keys in it and go for a walk, when you return no one will have touched anything.
There we met Abdullah and his friend Aziz, what magnificent people, they took us around the city, they invited us to do activities, to good restaurants and have dinner with their family, we will always remember them with affection.
After 7 days touring this small country, we headed to Saudi Arabia.


We are at the end of March 2022.
Arabia a country recently opened to tourism. Center of Islam and where women just 4 years ago could not drive and currently women and girls suffer systematic discrimination in law and practice. Women cannot travel alone, hold paid jobs, pursue higher education, or marry without the permission of a male guardian. Furthermore, Saudi women married to foreigners cannot pass on their nationality to their children, unlike Saudi men in a similar situation.
But their kindness and Arab hospitality is incredible, people sometimes give us their purchases when they see us at the door of the supermarket, there is no traffic light at which we stop someone from inviting you to their home, when the women welcome us into their homes In most cases, they do not let themselves be seen. It is very normal that before entering the house all the women leave the room so that I cannot see them, but Fernanda is with them and then she tells me what happened and so on. I can find out things that I hardly could if I were alone.
It is normal for a man to have 20, 30 or 40 children since if they can afford it financially they can have up to 4 wives.
In Arabia, practically all women are completely covered, only their eyes can be seen since they wear the hijab and the niqab, which is the one that covers the nose to the rest of the face.
The men do not stop taking photos with us but the women only with Fernanda.

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