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Stage 7

Qatar and Jordan


Great Venture
Great Venture

We go along the coast to Qatar, another desert and small country where the World Cup of Futbol will be held within a few months. The country this works, tried to leave everything ready for one of the most important events of football world. There is not much to see, a country where most of its landscapes are brown, lots of sand but beautiful beaches.
After quite some time on the border and almost dark we entered Qatar makes a terrible wind and using windbreak the bikes we could camp on the sand of the desert.


Once again we entered Saudi Arabia to head north to Jordan, more than 2,000 km of pure desert with temperatures of up to 47 degrees, which forced us to drive at night and early in the morning. The heat was hellish and it was a struggle to see who could hold out more, our bikes or us.
We arrived in Jordan and what to say about this small country so different from one end to the other, with its conflicting borders between Israel and Syria. There we met wonderful people who welcomed us and offered us their homes like in the entire Middle East. I had to remove a tooth that was killing me in pain. The doctor treated me very well and did not want to charge us. We toured the shores of the Dead Sea and bathed in its waters and it is true that you float a lot due to the large amount of salt in its waters, it is very difficult to submerge. We toured its mountains and valleys that were appreciated after crossing the Arabian desert.
In Aman we met a young biker Toni, a Valencian who came from South Africa at full speed on his Kawa 660 ninja. We spent a few days with him before he left for Iraq to go to Spain through Turkey. We were in Petra and as we imagined we were struck by that city carved into the rock. The Wad Rum desert for now one of the most beautiful ever seen.
There were 21 days in which we toured this small but beautiful country.

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