We’ve long been dreaming to see the world for ourselves. A bold and courageous decision that may be crazy, but that’s what we wanted. In June 2015 Pisel and Jackie quit their jobs and took their lives into their own hands to realise the dream they’ve been longing for: a motorbike tour of the world.

We understand that time is the most valuable asset we have. That’s what makes us truly rich; the currency of our own life, which is why we decided to live it without restriction. Without further ado, we gave up everything to live our adventure RIGHT NOW, because you have to live your dreams! For 3 years running we’ve ridden around Europe, then Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Now we are heading for South America, then onto to North America, Alaska, Iceland and maybe even Africa.

With open minds and senses on alert, we want to meet new people, discover new cultures, unfamiliar traditions, the habits and customs of distant lands. We want to breathe in the scents of new places that until now have been discarded and forgotten. We want to be awed by the most breath-taking views on Earth. More or less, our dream is to see all continents, to discover all around us what is beyond our everyday lives.

We don’t have a precise plan, but we always ask for information and take advice from locals about the best places to visit. Mixing with local people and using paper maps is different and fascinating. Our adventure doesn’t have a time limit and is low-cost: every time our wallet is empty we look for a way to continue the journey. Now we work to eat, to move, to travel and to have fun. To keep costs down we always avoid toll-roads, we cook with our own mini stove and we sleep under the cover of woods and in the most natural places we can find in the towns we come across.

The beauty of experiencing a world tour on two wheels is not knowing where fate will take you the next day and only in the morning do you realise, after opening the curtains, where the heck you slept the night before.

Follow us on our adventurous, vagabonds’ world tour on http://www.vagabondinstinct.com/


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